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I was receiving plasmalite and had about 10 treatments, all the time being told that the treatment offered permanent hair removal. my practitioner kept assuring me that although the hair was still growing back eventually it would just stop, I went along with this,in desperation I suppose. It is more expensive than laser and the only reson I chose it over laser was due to the “permanent hair removal description”. I stopped treatment as I wasn’t happy with it and pretty much realised I was being fleesed, I’d say that pretty much all of the hair has grown back.

Looking on her site I notice that she has now changed the description to “permanent hair reduction” just like any other laser. I wondered if she was carrying out false advertising and confronted her about it, the e-mails are as follows.


I was looking on your site again and have noticed that plasmalite is now
described as offering permanent reduction as opposed to permanent hair
removal when I first came across your site. The reason I chose to have
plasmalite which is more expensive than other treatments was the fact that
it offered permanent hair removal as opposed to reduction.

If it only offers permanent reduction then I may as well opt for one of the
cheaper treatments that offer permanent reduction. Why has the description



Hi Mathew,
In answer to your query, the change in description is due to changes in the
advertising and trading standards guidelines. The Plasmalite system will
kill the treated hairs permanently but as the system has only been in
operation for less than ten years, the authorities have said this is too
short a time to claim to be “permanent”. Whilst we are still confident of
the long term result, we must conform with any legislation as and when it is
promulgated. This is the reason we have had to amend our Web site, our
brochures and our advertising. The industry is evolving all the time and as
new equipment becomes available these will themselves be subject to
description changes as it comes under scrutiny. We have a duty to comply
with any instructions that the legislative body imposes insofar as it
affects our operation. I agree there are cheaper treatments available but
there will probably be very good reasons for this. I wish you well with
whatever form of epilation you choose, and take this opportunity to thank
you for your past patronage.
Linda Briggs

Does anyone know if the above is true, or where I could find out if it is true!



I don’t know of any site with information on regulations specific to the UK, but if you read up on the subject at our sister site, you will get a better understanding of what is going on here. Pay special attention to the section on the meaning of words and phrases in this industry.

Had she made the same claims in print in the states, she would be caught dead to rights on fraud, as lasers are not allowed to advertise themselves as “Permanent Hair Removal” in the US. Only electrolysis has earned that mantle via scientific evidence going back to the 1860’s.

I am unaware of any new regulations on the advertising of laser in the UK, but, as I have said, there is no reason why I would, being a US resident with little contact with those on your side of the pond. :wink:

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Does anyone know of any organisations that I could get in touch with to find out if plasmalite was ever clear for “permanent hair removal”.


No laser or light based device is currently cleared for “Permanent Hair Removal” in the United States Of America. That is why the term “Permanent Hair Reduction” was created. Most other places in the world don’t have anything like the FDA to have to get such clearances.

Hi matty. You can see Plasmalite’s website: say: “Plasmalite is also used for removing and reducing unwanted hair” and “FDA clearance has been acquired for hair removal in all skin types, skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal and vascular lesions”. If you want to know regulations in England you can contact with three associations.
Perhaps they can help you. These are their websites:

Francisca Rodriguez Ubeda
Murcia, Spain