I have very coarse hair on my arms and hands and I eventually want to eliminate all of it. I am 28 and judging by the looks of my dad and his dad, it will certainly get worse. So I want to tackle this problem in the next year or so and hope that, as I age, there will be more effective treatments to destroy most of the hair on my arms and legs. My hair is brownish/reddish, with some hairs completely brown. I am not seeking permanent removal, just a reduction in the area of my hands where the hair is darkest. Can anyone suggest the type of laser I should use and what I should expect? Again, I realize with current laser technology, there will not be permanent removal, especially since I don’t have the ideal hair color. however, even thinning the hair would suffice. Thanks.

you should use an alexandrite or a diode laser, and the higher the settings, the better. I assume you have pretty light skin. Brown hair should get treated fine and even might work on some darker red hair. For a reduction, don’t get all 6-8 treatments, but rather stop at 2 or 3, as soon as you see a big enough reduction. It can’t be guaranteed that it will be completely even though, especially since your hair is different in color and laser may kill some, but others won’t have enough pigment. so just be aware of that and definitely find an expereinced tech.