Places besides ebay to buy secondhand?

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I’ve had some great treatment from a BIAE member and cleared most of the hair I wanted gone, unfortunately I’ve moved farther away and can no longer comfortably see her for appointments without taking a day off work. There are a few stragglers and another one or two easy to reach areas (boobs and stomach) that I want to get rid of a few hairs on.
I bought a one touch but the needles are so crazy expensive and crappy that I want to get a proper machine that can do both blend and galvanic.

I’ve already bought a sterex sx-b for £300 on ebay that the seller then cancelled the transaction saying she had sold it 10 minutes earlier privately(!) I’m getting a bit frustrated with ebay and I was wondering is there somewhere else I should be looking. I’ve looked on my local area craigslist type websites and the only one I can find is an SX-T which I don’t want.

I’m based in Ireland but have an address in the UK that I can get deliveries to, if anyone could recommend websites other than ebay for buying 2nd hand machines I’d really appreciate it. If not, I’ll just try and be more patient with the ebay experience has a bunch of used machines. I’m not sure if they ship international though.

And FYI it’s fairly easy to mod a one touch stylus to take pro needles.

Where in Ireland are you?

TES ships anywhere but beware line voltage differences.

Not to give too much away, I’m in the North West

The amount I’d pay in duty on it would be fairly huge I think

I’m not the best at modifying things like that, I’ve seen the other posts about that on here and just thought it looked too easy to make a mistake but I’ll give it a try if I can’t get my hands on a professional machine

hmmm, please dont.And I say this in the nicest way, and in full support of DIY in every way. The one touch honestly isnt a good device. If you are going to put one needle to you own face or body, you are FAR better off with professionally designed equipment.

Thats my feeling too, especially as I’m not the best with taking things apart. Will keep searching for a professional one

Ohh in my enthusiasm for DIY builds I completely forgot about the other stuff wrong with the one touch. Yeah without being able to mod it with a soldering iron as well it’s really not practical/useable.

Biggest problem is you have to wet your finger and place it on the stylus as the anode, since the stylus isn’t really sealed at all water can leak into it and cause a short between the anode and cathode connections and the circuit was likely designed to expect at least a 1000 ohm load from the person so the short will cause components to blow. It also kinda forces you to do live insertions unless you’re dexterous enough to hold your fingers farther back and jump them back and forth to activate it without moving the needle around too much while it’s inserted. This problem can be fixed with a foot sponge mod.

Probably would also want to rewire the stylus as the wire they used is rather thin and prone to breakage. Also the buzzer is obnoxiously loud and needs to be removed or quieted…

I took your question to the closed British electrolysis facebook site where many excellent electrologists “hang out”. First of all, they don’t encourage anyone working on their own face. They were very firm about this and I agree with them. One of the very excellent electrologists, Gretta, shared this information:

"BIAE members that I have had treatment with Anne Dunne, (Anne Dunne Electrolysis Clinic) at least 30 years experience ) Tralee, Co Kerry.
Geraldine Malone. Owner of Catherine Hayes Clinic, Galway. electrolysis specialist, again over 25 years in practise. I am based in Munster but not a BIAE member. I also would not reccomend self treatment without qualifications. All are practising on Apillus machines.

Geraldine (Catherine Hayes clinic) established since the early 70ties has a great reputation. They use Apillus and have a variety of machines."

For the few hairs you have, these ladies can punch them out easily and quickly.

Thanks for the recommendations, as I mentioned previously I have had great treatment from a BIAE member, as there are only 3 in Ireland, one of whom is Anne Dunne and the other 2 work at Catherine Hayes, its safe to assume that I am aware they do excellent work and use Apilus.
If I could continue to have them treat me, I would but its just not possible at this time due to moving, work and family commitments.

I hadn’t intended on this turning into a thread on the merits of DIY. I just wanted to know was there anywhere besides ebay in Ireland or the UK where people recommended looking that perhaps I didn’t know about.

Okay… Good luck!