pitting/scarring on chin


I’ve had several treatments over the last year (at Lucy Peters) on my chin and under my jaw, and now I am seeing little dimples or pocks on my chin. Could this be scarring from the electrolysis? Has anyone else had this happen? Is it permanent, and can it be fixed with collagen or some other treatment?


The face is more easily overtreated than the body because facial skin is moist and hairs are usually close together. The face is most susceptible to pitted scars and to add to that principle, some people are just more prone than others to pitting on the face.

The Blend method, using heat and chemical, with lower intensity and longer timing is more gentle and forgiving on the face than flash thermolysis. Lucy Peters utilizes the flash technique. It is the only form of electrolysi she uses. In some cases, the high heat of flash thermolysis causes the skin to contract causing the healing tissues to pull down (pit). In capable, experienced hands, flash thermolysis can be a great proceedure for fast, effective permanent hair removal. Lucy Peters does have a good reputation and many,many clients walk away happy. Did you go back to LP to share your concern? I don’t have enough information to tell you if you were overtreated or what your aftercare scenario was like on your part.

Some pitting on the chin can be resolved and diminished in 12-18 months. The skin is ALIVE and RESILIENT and will continue to restructure itself for up to 18 months following and injury.

It appears that you may be at the 12 month mark or just shy of it??? If these pits do not look like they will resolve after 12 to 18 months, only your dermatologist or plastic surgeon can determine whether certion medications or surgical proceedures would be appropriate for you.

Some thoughts would be: using alpha hydroxyacids (AHA) for reducing the tiny scars, using Retin-A as a chemical peel, or dermabrasion may also improve your skin. I don’t know where laser re-surfacing falls into all of this, but it may be worth investigating.
I’m not so sure collagen injections are an option.

Hopefully, a real live client with the same experience will chime in and share their valuable