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I feel for Kel. I can relate. I have a question about pitting. What causes pitting–scabs, too high heat, bad insertion, too big of a needle? I am struggling with this concern. I feel as though I am getting tiny pits. I don’t want this under any circumstance. Basically, I am super swollen for 3-4 days after treatment and there are a few tiny marks, but I am wondering if she is pitting, there are too many, or are my pores looking bigger. Can someone help answer this? Like others the hair is fine. HOw long before pits show up, could you go for months and then they just show up?
***Are there any links that should pictures of bad treatment, short and long-term effects and some that show how skin should look? I am worried and not sure what to look for and I do not want to destroy my skin, it is the only skin we have…Thnak you

Usually pitting comes from over treatment. Either there is too much power in the setting, or to many hairs too close together were done at a setting that overtreats the overlapping areas. A client/patient who scratches after treatments, or removes scabs without letting them heal on their own could cause trouble as well.

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So, would the pits show up quickly or take several months? Are there any pictures that show pitting? How does one know, I am trying to figure this out. I would hate to keep getting treatment and get more and more pits. Opinions please…

Some answers please to previous question…

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Originally posted by suziegirl:
<strong>Some answers please to previous question…</strong></font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>The people who post answers on this board, not least Mr. Walker, take time from their busy schedules to help educate people. While they understand your sense of urgency, being pushy may not help.

You may want to post more information about your treatment. Are you getting galvanic, blend, regular or flash thermoloysis? How long have you been going? How long are individual treatments? Is the electrologist clearing a dense area or thinning?

My understanding is that the skin heals over a very long time and does not fully stabilize until six months or so. Also, the skin is remarkably resilient, and surface scarring – pitting – is not common.

However, I am hardly an expert.

My experience is with the blend method, and have found that any swelling is down within hours, not days. This makes me think you are getting heavy treatment. But my experience is limited, and I suggest you post more information.

Pitting does not just pop up overnight. One would notice such a thing developing from the start.

I was not trying to be “pushy” as you put it, I am just looking for answers that seem very hard to find. I am getting blend and have gone to only a few appointments. I would rather stop and find someone good versuses destroying my skin, so I was seeking some answers so I know what to do. I need to know what to look for to make a good decision. So I am asking what to look for, how do I know if I am being pitted, is it a scab, swelling, too big of a needle, etc. I just need to know if it is noticeable immediately or if after awhile you see it, I have read many conflicting opinions on this. Anyway, thank you for any responses from knowledgeable individuals. It is annoying to me how electrolysis is so poorly regulated and often carried out so poorly, considering the money and the fact that you only have one skin, it is a huge decision to know who to go to what to look for and so on. Thanks again for responses.

As I am in the process of rehabilitating a building I just purchased for office space, I will not be as available as I have been in the past here for a while. This is why I have not made as many, nor as lengthy posts as people have come to expect around here. Sorry folks, some of the other fine electrologists will have to step up to the plate for a while. :fearful:

Pitting comes from a process where too much skin has been damaged and removed. This leaves an open space where there was once flesh. It is litterally a sink hole in your face. Put two overtreated follicles like this next to one another and you have two sink holes causing a crease (wrinkle) in between them.

Now ask yourself, have you noticed large holes in your face? Do you have scabs that take longer than a week to heal? Does every single insertion result in a scab? Are you scratching yourself after treatment? Are you keeping the treatment area clean and dry? Are you getting too much treatment energy in the area from either too high a setting, or too much work being done in one area too frequently without a resting period in between?

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Thanks for the information. I appreciate it.

Sorry, my ealier post got cut off. Thanks for your reply, James. It is more like little tiny holes/pits? at each pore and I am trying to figure out if these are pits or just my pores or my pores got stretched. It is very concerning to me. I did have some scabs but mostly excessive swelling unlike anything before. What are you thoughts? Thanks.

If you can’t see the “holes” in a regular mirror at a normal “conversational distance” away from a normal mirror, that is just the normal size of your follicles. Many of our clients would sleep easier at night if they just throw away the 7x magnification mirrors :roll_eyes:

As for scabbing, that is a common side effect of electrology treatment, and swelling is also common, especially during the beginning of treatment when there are more hairs closer together to be treated. Later, when there are fewer hairs over a larger space swelling will be much less common. In fact, it should no longer be a part of your experience.

In general, you should look “back to normal” in a week or less with most treatment.

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THanks for the reply, it seems noticeable when the light hits it at a certain angle in a normal mirror (i.e. face half in light, half in darker). Some seem larger than others. I am so concerned because I do not want to ruin my skin ever. Do people have treatment with no skin damage??


sue, i am not a hair removal expert, but i am a aesthetician since 1998, so i know about the skin. The best thing you can do if you want an a opinion from the experts in this forum is take a picture of your skin and place it here, in that way they may give you and a opinion of your condition.

                   GOOD LUCK,Glenda

Many people have electrolysis with no permanent negative side effects. Kathly Lee Gifford, Cher, and Brooke Sheilds are just a few who have had facial electrolysis with no scarring or pitting.