Pitting post electro?


I have had electrolysis in my stomach (still ongoing) and couldn’t be happier. I plan to go back to get the remainder done but the hairs are most certainly less and less.

I just wanted to check one thing, I have the normal scans, PIH etc which have pretty much faded and continue to do so but I noticed a little pitting.

I’ve never had it and nothing about my treatment changed. (Maybe it was always there but lack of hairs makes it more noticeable).

If this is electro, could it be it’s still healing? Would the skin return to its ‘normal state’ once all treatment is done?

The only thing I do is wash in cold water and I do a morning self-oil massage and moisturise.![image|231x500]


Thank you.

Sorry forgot to attach another

look fine to me. It’ll heal giving a time.

When hair is removed, the natural flaws in your skin are noticed. No ones skin is porcelain doll perfect. After you have electrolysis, it takes time to heal, depending on the area and your healing powers.

If you are concerned and cannot accept these realities of permanent hair removal, then please stop doing electrolysis immediately. I am not concerned about what I see.