Pitted scars immediately after first session

Hello, I just had my first ever electrolysis session and it looks like I’ve acquired multiple pitted scars immediately after. I’ve been incredibly worried and wanted to know if you have any advice, thank you (picture attached)

These little dents and dings are NOT scars. This is a normal part of the healing process. As your skin heals, these spots will level out and fade away

I’m just extra worried because she did my upper lip for 90 minutes, which what I’ve read seems to be way too long

I do 90 minute to 2 hour full clearances on the upper lip all the time. With what I can see of the energy levels needed on your upper lip, you ave zero to worry about. It’s normal wound contraction and a temporary healing manifestation. It will all resolve 100% completely.

Okay thank you so much I’ve been extremely stressed so this helps a lot

Hi Sophia … You found Hairtell; good for you!

I wanted you to post here for a couple reasons. Mostly, because I get several emails like yours every week, and want other to chime in. Also, 1) It’s daunting to go into depth with, say, 3 or 4 clients every week on the same subject. 2) WHY aren’t electrologists clearly explaining what’s going on? And, why don’t clients usually talk to their electrologist? 3) I did a video on this subject (“Dents on the skin” … I believe), and wonder why electrologists are not referring clients to these videos? I made videos for that specific purpose: to assist fellow electrologists. FRUSTRATING!

Having spouted off a bit, I have to wonder why an electrologist would work for 90-minutes on an upper lip … especially young flawless skin? Doing that (in my opinion only) is excessive and an invitation to skin damage. However, in your case … I don’t see any lasting problems.

Also, (in my opinion ONLY) if you have “peach fuzz” that is invisible, you should not have electrolysis! I won’t do it. I refer such patients to the topical medication: Vaniqa (it works great). Indeed, there are skilled electrologists, using advanced thermolysis units, that do excellent work on “peach fuzz” (vellus hairs). I’m not denigrating their work at all. It’s just not in my “bag of tricks.” I have a 1-meter “rule.” If I can see your hairs from that distance … you’re all mine, honey!

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I am trans so I do have some mild hair growth that is dark brown, the shadow can be quite noticeable to me, but I think I will probably switch to 30 minute sessions so that I do not risk any damage.

Okay … that sounds like a very good option indeed. I always tell my trans clients to not rush the procedure. I know you want the hair gone yesterday. Just consider that you are young and will have your skin for the rest of your life … take extra care to ensure that you don’t get any lasting marks.

Note: I know who performed the work on Caitlin Jenner; if you look at photos, that were not “Photoshopped,” you will see the permanent damage; especially on the upper lip. You see, even the rich and famous screw things up! (Some day, I’ll talk about Cher.)

I too like you, have been frustrated when I have clients who have been seen by other providers and they were not given any info or the client didn’t retain the info.

I verbally give clients info, send along a paper copy of info as they leave (because I know they won’t remember everything) and e-mail the same info by email (specifically telling them to save the email) and also tell them to call right away if any issue arises. And yet they will still come to me later “Help me, Help me! What do I do?” after they waited too long to divert a disaster to contact me. Not often at all, but I tell ya after the first time they quickly realize the benefit of listening and also swift contact vs waiting if they have an issue.

So I think many times it is a coin flip on whether the provider gave good info or if the client simply didn’t retain the info. My own clients have given me the insight (test case) so as to not assume the blame belongs with other providers necessarily. No way to really know unless it’s yourself.

I also agree with the vellus hair… reminding them while they are looking at their peach fuzz in a 10 x magnifying mirror, the people around them see them 2-3 feet away and most people won’t notice or don’t care about it.

It then allows me to share a story with them how my husband lost the top part of his finger in a freak accident and how I didn’t notice for like a week after I met him, other people never notice it and after being with him for 13 years I can never remember which hand it is and if my life depended on the answer I’d probably get it wrong because I never see or even notice it in daily life unless we are at a restaurant.
Why at a restaurant? Because the injury caused his fingernail to grow up and over his finger and down the backside… so at restaurants he will tap his stubby finger on the table (which makes a very distinctive noise) being funny trying to get my attention.

Point being if vellus hair really bothers them that’s valid but I assure them that in most cases no one cares… even if they can see it because they have too!