pits or holes where eyebrow hairs were treated ??

Hi, I just came home from a electrolysis treatment and she did my whole face, but on my eyebrow area there are little craters or pits where the hairs used to be ! There were NO pits or scars there before, I did not feel her digging around for an ingrown hair either. I hope they will heal and not be scars !! Has anybody experienced this before ?

This is my first time in 16 years having electrolysis. I have long light brown “fuzz” mostly on my cheeks, neck and mustache area, with a handfull of dark “whisker-y” hairs on my chin and jaw line.

Is it possible for you to send me a digital picture of your face so that I may better help you? ExecutiveClearance@gmail.com

Sometimes if a hair is coarse, the follicle looks open for a short time after treatment. You should put witch hazel or Tend Skin on it and see if they close up. This will often tighten up porse and help reduce the chance of bacterial infection in the open spots.

Hi James , thanks for the quick response I have sent you some emails hopefully you will recieve at least one picture. I am not fully computer “skilled” so please forgive my number of attempts at emailing the picture.

Hmmmmmm Andrea, that could be it, she did say that the pores would be open now that you mention it, but these are so big they look like little pock marks. I did put some polysporin on them already. Thanks for your response.

Hello Lilly:

Since it took the third try for a picture to actually be useable for my purposes, I certainly can’t complain about the number of attempts. For future use, .jpg or .jpeg is the best way to send a picture for ease of use.

From what I can see (the pictures are not perfectly clear in the eyebrow area for fine close up viewing, but I think I can advise you.

It appears that you will be ok with just some tea tree oil to help heal it up fast. It is possible that you will have some temporary pigmentation, but that will go away.

If your electrologist is using alcohol to sanitize the area, she should allow time for the alcohol to completely dry before doing any treatment in the area.