Pitanga RF/IR laser on blonde hairs?

I posted this over on the main laser forum but figgured that I should x-post it here as well as there are specific trans issues that could change recomendations…

Basically, I have a mix of blonde, red, and black hairs on my face… or should I say had. After 4 Lightshear sessions the blacks are pretty much gone, the reds are far reduced and the blonds are as strong as ever (tho the t-blocker has GREATLY reduced their growth rate). I have fairly pale skin, but not “oh god the sun, it BURNS!” pale, so I have had very good results with the lightshear (the tech thought it would take twice the sessions to get where I am now).

But to get the rest of the hairs in a reasonable time, my tech wants me to switch over to a Pitanga (Aurora) machine, as they are susposted to nail the bonds and reds as well as the black. If this is not a good system / waste of money, what would you recomend in its place?

I would FAR rather stay with laser as I am already 4 months full-time and would not be happy with a stubble for electro.


I am glad that you have had good luck with the Lightsheer,
and I had some sessions with that before switching to electrolysis.

My experience with the Lightsheer was that it was only partly successful, but did eliminate some of the dark hairs.
I still had some dark hairs returning, way more than I would like plus some white and grey ones, so I switched to the electrolysis.

I am sorry but I don’t have a lot of experience with the Aurora, so if it works for you please provide some feedback here.

I agree that it is a PITA to have to grow out any residual hairs for electrolysis. I am lucky that what I have remaining after the 9 Lightsheer treatments and 3 years of electrolysis is not that much, and does not show
unless someone got really, really close.

I wish laser was the answer, but as far as I am concerned for someone who needs more than reduction such as a TS it is only a starting point, and a bit of an expensive one at that.


from the information I have been able to find, the radio frequency energy (RF) that the Pitanga uses is the same as for galvanic electro.

what i cant find out is if it has the same chemical effect on the root.

RF would be Thermolysis/Diathermy, not Galvanic.

my bad, i thought that thermlysis used heat, not chemical reactions.

And you are correct on that.

The combination LASER-RF machines look to add Radio Frequency Waves (RF) to perform what they call “Thermage” on the skin, in addition to the LASER energy.

One of the problems with LASER treatment is something called “the shadow effect” and the “thermage” is supposed to reduce the negatives of the shadow effect, and hopefully lead to even more hair reduction.

didnt know that <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

well, I will give them at least one session. If i dont notice a difference then it will be off to the electrolysis shop me me.

Just thought I’d add my 2c regarding the lightsheer.

18months after 6 lightsheer treatments, I had about 50% regrowth. I’m pretty much a perfect candidate though, coarse black hair, fair skin. I did notice that it really didn’t seem to get effective kills until energy was over 30joules/square cm. I think if I had kept going I could’ve probably stretched it to about 75% clear.

Sadly the place that performed the treatments was frightfully expensive owing to the fact that it was run by a group of dermatoligists.

To solve the remaining hair I have gone the electrolysis route.

yes, it’s unfortunate that people have to waste treatments that they pay for by being undertreated. anything under 25-30 joules on a LightSheer is usually too low.