Pin point marks over a year after electrolysis

I have pin point, needle like marks on my face from a thermolysis session done over a year ago. Any suggestions on how to treat these?

You’ve posted a few times, so you know the score already…


Nuff said? Actually, nope…

I’m a little confused. At one point you posted a shot of your chin, claiming that electrolysis on your chin wwas done 8 weeks ago .Never had electrolysis except that one time. Which is it?



You’re quite rude…I’d rather get advice from someone else thanks. Yes I did have electrolysis on my chin many weeks ago. My entire skin history was not relevant to that post and its not relevant now. You should work on you’re people skills.

Edit: I’m not looking for opinions on whether or not they are scars. I know what they are. I’m looking for treatment options. I’m not posting pictures.

It is relevant, but, I’m done . Have at it.


There was once a time where you were receiving responses that made you feel so unwelcome that you made a big production about it and “left” the forums. Maybe you should remember that the next time you decide to be condescending and rude towards someone who is looking for help, which by the way, is what these forums are for.

To the OP, I’m sorry you have to deal with unkind individuals on these boards. Many people have felt that same way, myself included, which is why I privately message others most of the time.

After my bout of sessions with elec, I opted for low grade chemical peels to sort of “refresh” the area and I found that helped with some rough texture left behind. I didn’t have any pin point marks as you describe, so I can’t say whether or not that would help those. There are many forms of skin rejuvenation (peels, dermarolling, copper peptides, laser treatments, etc). It just depends on what your current skin condition is like and what is realistic to expect.

I just researched a lot. Good luck.

You should be consulting with dermatologists or facial plastic surgeons who have experience with treating scars or similar skin issues. The main options are ablative lasers and medium to deep chemical peels. If the scarring is not bad, they might prescribe creams to even out skin texture.

Thank you for the reply. It was very informative :slight_smile: I’ll be looking into all of the things your mentioned.

Thats a good idea. I will schedule a derm meeting next week. Thank you :slight_smile:

I don’t want to stir up anything, but yes we do like quality pictures here. I need to look for a couple pictures that I want you to see, for the sake of discussing your problem. I will be back soon after I find them.

Ok great I’m looking forward to your post.

Dee in case this is the one you are looking for by barbara
In the thread by LDLD last year here had a pretty good image and description of cause of an icepick scar:

just in case that’s the one you are looking for:)

Willbill, I am never deliberately rude to any consumer here. Take it as you will, but I’ll be honest with no picture, and even less information, your hope for assistance is likely to fall on deaf ears, in particular when we are reading conflicting information on different threads about what has occurred already, and what pictures we have seen of you seem to be deliberately blurry.We just cannot help you if we are hindered by not enough informatiion or information that seems to conflict with itself. I’m sorry you took my attempt the wrong way, but there is no intent to be rude to you. You seem intent that you " Know what this is already and just want a solution", and not from me, so the only thing I can do at that point is let you be on your own and figure it out for yourself as you wish, but I was in no way deliberately rude to you.


  1. My pictures were not “deliberately blurry” as you so put. I took the best possible pictures I could, making many attempts to make them as clear as possible.

  2. Others have provided very helpful information to me based on my post, so I am in no way “on my own” as you so rudely put.

  3. You seem very hung up on the fact that my last post said it was my first electrolysis session. It was not, I apologize for not being completely forthcoming. However, you seem to think that just because I’ve had electrolysis done in the past that I did not disclose, that it is impossible for someone to give advice on my skin issues.

I am not on this forum to argue. I am here for help. So please, if you are not willing to attempt to help me, please refrain from posting on my threads. Have a good day.

Willbill there have been multiple attempts to help you. I’m sorry you dont appreciate them. I dont know that you have taken the advice already given. Please appreciate I am not being critical. I have responded to you on multiple threads thus far and if you wish I will not respond to you further.

Consistently in what you have shown you have been advised there was NOTHING VISIBLE that indicated any kind of scarring, which is what you have spoken of over multiple threads for the last couple months… You were advised to go and review a video series that demonstrated all the common types of "scarring " that present for electrology. “Pinholes” or, as they are sometimes referred to “Ice pick scars” are not generally the result of electrology.

Whether you didnt view what was suggested to you, by multiple people , or dint believe in what you saw, whichever the case, you remain unconvinced that you are not scarred for life, despite all the assurances I , and others here have given you.

Despite the little bit of advice, we cannot and no one here give you any idea of how long or if anything will last if they cannot see what the heck you are talking about or have a complete history as to what has occurred.

I dont know what the reasons you have are to show what you are talking about, or to not have appreciated that whether you trust my opinion or not, I have supported you and answered your questions and attempted to give you the assurances necessary for about 2 months now. You can hardly say I’ve been rude. If you dont want or trust advice from me, that’s ok, cool .But definitely you dont have cause to be saying I was rude or condescending to you. IF you dont want help, tht is your choice, but it was offered .


Okay. Have a nice day.

Okay … just hold on here! If anybody’s going to be rude that’s going to be me! I refuse to be dethroned from my cherished position as "Curmudgeonis Rex.’ So, let me read through your posts and let me see if I can find something to be rude about.

Until then, having scanned your posts and photos, I’m pretty sure you’re going to be totally fine: I mean perfect. I don’t see anything that will be lasting in your photos.

All seriousness aside, electrolysis is a "controlled burn’ and all sorts of goofy skin manifestations take place … sometimes they’re "new’ to all of us. But in all cases, unless you were destroyed (which you were not) the skin resolves perfectly.


YES! That is the picture I wanted. TY!

Ms. Barbara Greathouse posted this picture of ice pick scars. This is not the kind of outcome you see with electrolysis, unless you have your Mr. Magoo friend work on your face every weekend.

Damn Dee Dee … those look like the Swedish meatballs I tried to make one time!

What about the other three scars pictured? Are those possible from electrolysis?

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No, you will not look like any of these pictures. It would not be possible for a skilled, professional Electrologist to create scarring like this.

Mike, do you have a good recipe for Swedish meatballs ? (I’m really serious)

Swedish meatballs … IKEA.

Taking care of a surgery patient today. She’s doing great. Came down from San Francisco, Italian, and made me some great Italian meatballs and sauce and all that fine stuff. Her husband is here too, but he’s useless (aren’t most of them?)

Busy week, taking care of a face-lift patient tomorrow. This will be difficult … the patient will not follow instructions. I’m gonna ask the doc for some “Benzos” (maybe Ativan?) to knock the sucker out and I can get some peace. I’m dreading tomorrow.