pimple / irritation and laser hair removal

I want to get laser hair removal done soon, but now I seem to be developing a zit in that area (lower bikini area). Is it highly recommended to wait until the zit is not sore? I would not want to wait until it’s no longer visible because that would take a while, but if I have to, I will. I am concerned about pain and will be using a good topical gel, and other methods to relieve pain.

it shouldn’t be a problem unless it’s the first couple of days. if it looks like it’s going away already, it’ll be fine. just don’t use a topical cream on top of it.

Why not a topical cream? I want to put the numbing gel (lidocaine or similar) all over the area, to help with the pain.

I get the bikini area done and don’t use a numbing cream at all. I would suggest to try it without it before deciding to use it. You might find it’s really not that painful. It’s definitely as tolerable for me as waxing. you don’t want to use the numbing cream on the pimple itself to avoid irritation on that area.