I am 19 years old, i have so much hair you guys dont even know. I have a lot of hair on my back i mean a lot. I shaved it twice and now its thicker and darker. Tried waxing a little bit it hurts but the hair came back on the area i applied as quick as the shaver. I have lost 40 pounds maybe thats why i think it looks a lot more but i mean its too much. Not saying i dont have hair on my chest or legs or hands i am pretty hairy but i cant stand hair on my back. Is there any medicine some kind of pills to make this hair less somehow? As i mentioned i am only 19 i dont have enough money for laser. THe clinic gave me an estimate of $1100 for back itself not including shoulders.

If you guys have any suggestion plz

As hard as we wish, there is no pill, etc. that will take care of your problem on the backside, permanently. Realistically speaking, your best bet for what you desire, is to create a savings plan that will pay for laser (which may or may not help)and/or find an electrologist with good speed and a high kill rate. Both require money, so if you plan forward and save up a nice little wad, you can do a lot at once and stay even with the hair growth cycles that are so important to success. When you have the money up front, your treatments aren’t spread far apart because of money issues. While you are saving for a consistent hair removal plan, you can do your homework on laser and electrolysis options in your area. Get your free consultations and test spots, after you read hairfacts and hairtell for guidance, of course, and try to get word of mouth referrals. When you’re ready to dive in, you will know who to call.

The other option is to find a hairy friend who desires what you desire, purchase an epilator and a good electrolysis book, and learn how to do electrolysis on each other.

Being that you’re only 19, most likely you will be developing new hair for the next 20 years. If you are dead serious and see yourself with a hairless back for the future, start your hair removal plan now.

By the way, shaving does not affect hair growth. Shaving didn’t make your hair thicker and darker. It’s actually a great and cheap temporary method until you can afford a more permanent option.


You did not mention whether you are male or female; however, if you are a girl, there are prescription pills to stop/slow down hairgrowth caused by hormonal imbalances. Even propecia(finasteride) which is used to treat male pattern baldness has been shown to slow [body] hair growth in females; I am uncertain if the FDA has approved it for this purpose.

Also, Aneroxia nervosa ravages your body and can cuase hormonal imbalances that can cause you to grow more hair than normal.

I just assumed you were male, but if you are female, you could have a hormone imbalance, and should have that che cked. If you are male, there are no pills. You can in fact shave your back, or have a friend do it, but if you are that hairy, why not go to a salon and have it waxed? You can do that until you have enough money for the laser. Lasering works best if your hair is dark, and your skin is light.

I have no idea why society does not like back hair on men, but for some reason, while hair elsewhere is OK, back hair is not very appealing to most women, or men. Since you are uncomfortable with it, you may as well learn to deal with it now. Like some of the posts on women’s facial hair, the same issue. No woman is embarrased about having pit or lleg hair, but face hair is embarrassingn, though equally natural.

Good luck