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As promised, here’s a photo of my South Asian (Indian) guy after one clearance on his back and shoulders. He said “no hyperpigmentation.” And, actually he had almost zero! I expected a lot … but it did not happen. Overall he got great results from the first clearance. I just started number two today … I hope this helps folks from South Asia to not fear electrolysis “marking their skin!”

Nice back and beautiful skin. Too bad we can not see the “before” picture, despite the low density of hairs indicates a significant reduction.

Ummm, Michael, if my memory serves me, I remember a heated discussion about PIH not always exist in Asian skin. :wink:

I also have been working this week on a young woman with Asian skin. This is her second clearance on the face, upper lip, neck, chest, breasts, stomach, belly, lower back, buttocks, upper arms and back of the neck. The first clearance for all these areas took about 100 hours divided into 3 weeks in last July. The second clearance has taken a week this December, and still we have made progress in some areas. I’ll open a new thread to present the case.

If you are seeing an electrologist that uses the “Clear & Wait” strategy for body hair (very few do, actually), this depicted client is a good “case in point” to consider.

His first clearance was way back in March. So this second clearance is nearly 9-months later. This delay is not a “deal breaker” … but consider:

At the preferred 3 - 4 month waiting period, I would have seen MORE hairs (to treat) than the client presents in this photo. Why? Because during that extended time, many of the “returning-from-resting-stage” hairs have gone BACK into resting stage. Consequently, there are fewer hairs to see and treat.

Again, not a terrible thing … but not as efficient as I would have preferred. A worst situation is if the client returns TOO EARLY; say only 6-8 weeks after the first clearance. Return too early and there are fewer hairs to treat. Coming back “early” requires longer (and more) subsequent clearances … and costs you more in the long-run. (Jossie in Spain and I try to finish in 3-clearances to achieve more than 90% clearance, and we mostly succeed … )*

Here’s my simple “rule of thumb”: If I see only anagen hairs in the area; that’s TOO EARLY to treat. If I see lots-and-lots of telogen hairs … THAT’S the time to treat the area for the maximum effect. (And yes, telogen hairs can be killed by electrolysis … “get over it” people!)

Again, if you are doing “Clear & Wait” there is a preferred window of opportunity. It’s certainly fine if your timing is off a bit … you will still get great results. Overall, it’s better to come a bit “too late” than “too early.”

*Indeed, most electrologists recommend return clearances MUCH sooner (and more of them) than I recommend. I believe they are following the “anagen only” concept. This strategy still works fine, so don’t worry about it! I don’t utilize this strategy … and, I believe, costs more in the long run. Ultimately, getting results from electrolysis is all about “how long it takes and HOW MUCH MONEY YOU SPENT!”

Please note that my strategy discussed here is ONLY for body work; not the face!

Oh Jossie … I forgot! When you see our beautiful “south Asian” girl … say the following for me!

“Fröhliche Weihnachten” (A very common “South Asian” expression!)

Oh Jossie,

I “tried” to say … be sure to say the following to our gorgeous “South Asian” girl:

Fröliche Weihnachten!" (That’s a very common South Asian expression!)

Well, looks like I’m locked out again …

What is ‘PIH’?


“Please Initiate Help?” Nope!

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation … Brown spots from electrolysis.

Michael, I have looked closely at the photo of the back, and nothing seems to indicate that there is less hair than it would have been in the range of 3/4 months.

Gosh! You must be the only electrologist in the world apologizing for having better results than expected!

What I clearly see in your picture is 1) very low density of terminal hairs in areas that should be massively populated, indicating amazing results, 2) I see more density of terminal hairs on the margins of the treated areas (frames hairs), suggesting a new development given the obvious youth of your client, 3) I also see a higher density of fine and intermediate hairs in the middle of the back (on the spine), which tells me that this area was not treated the first time? with 9 months, a young man can see a substantial increase from invisible to intermediate hairs, and from intermediate to terminal hairs on his back.
So accept the facts, this guy is not back in Santa Barbara for surfing, he’s there because you did an amazing job!

Thanks Jossie … you assessment seems to be spot on.

Yeah, the fellow seems to be pretty happy about the electrolysis. This clearance looks like about 12 hours total (finished tomorrow), and that’s way less than I expected for the second time over. (I wonder what I did “right” this time?)

The fellow is 27 and in medical school. He’s a VERY kind and gentle soul (too polite for his own good), and is going to make an amazing doctor. He’s very good looking and the ladies will adore him.

Nicely, I’m pretty sure that he’s going to recommend ELECTROLYSIS to his patients that suffer from unwanted hair.

Now, ain’t that nice? A doctor that had electrolysis … I like that!

Oh Jossie, I forgot.

Please say the following to your “South Asian” girl: “Fröliche Weihnachten!” That’s a very common expression in India … yes, they say it all the time.

I CAN’T WAIT to see your progress on this case! GO JOSSIE!

wierd … locked out again.

Maybe it’s because I said something in GERMAN?

SO … WADAYA Gotta problem wit DAT?

Dear top contributors,

I am a south Asian female 35 yo, with a history of vitiligo on my chest and underarm. I have undergone electrolysis for many months hoping this would be the safest hair removal method without stimulating more vitiligo spots, predominantly treating chin/ upper lip hairs which left typical pinpoint scabs and otherwise overall has gone fine until now…

2-3 weeks ago had electrolysis of hairs on the skin overlying my nostrils. Over the past week, I noticed a single 2-3 mm hyper pigmentation spot overlying my right nostril which based on reading your posts should hopefully resolve. However I have few questions for which I am seeking advice:

  1. I feel a tiny painful “indentation” underlying the PIH spot on my right nostril cartilage. Is it possible that the electrolysis damaged blood supply or resulted in permanent damage to the cartilage ? Have you ever encountered this? I fear skin or cartilage necrosis because this was never noticed pre-treatment and my opposite nostril does not demonstrate this.
  2. What can I do to try to treat /care for this problem? What setting changes can you advise my electrologists if this area is to be treated again to treat remaining hairs? Or should I not risk it? My electrologists is pretty good, uses the apilus, and I believe predominantly blend / upper lip settings …
  3. Do you have patients with vitiligo undergoing electrolysis ? Is it safe for them? Have you ever witnessed permanent hypo pigmentation /vitiligo type effects in this group of patients?

Thank you in advance for your consideration,

I will be seeing my cooperating physician next week. I think this is a question for him.

Thank you for posting these pics, Michael. Very hopeful.

I hope one day I can have my arms and legs thinned out.