pih from hair threading -want to try electrolysis?


i am based in the UK and have come to the decision that i am going to have electrolysis done on my upper lip

i posted in the LHR forum recently as i was considering LHR

My situation is i have been threading for many years and now i have a dark upper lip, the pigmentation is dermal i beleive, even when there is no hair there it is a grey colour, very embarrasing

so ive been told that once the trauma stops then the pigmentation will have time to fade

so my question is what type of electrolysis do i go for?

i have tried electrolysis before and reacted badly too it, the area swelled up quite a bit and i freaked out, this wa many years ago, my skin is still very sensitive but i dont have a choice i ned to get rid of the hair

my derm did recommend diode laser but i am really scared of further pigmentation

i would like to know which method would be more suitable for an already pigmented area, the whole upper lip where there is hair growth is darker than my skin colour, i am asian and am quite fair

please ca you recommend something that would not cause pigmentation or minimal pigmentation

i do not know what type of electro i had before, all i remember was that she used a gold needle-sorry not much help

if you need more infrmation from me please let me know

thank you

Just wanted to let you know that I also had this from excessive years of threading and I’ve been doing electrolysis for 9 months now and both hair and pih are almost all gone; best decision. Good luck!

Hairhelpplz that’s so great to hear, gives me hope

I hope u don’t mind me asking, what colour was your pigmentation? Was it greyish or brown?

what method of electrolysis did you use? Is your hair thick
Did you use any treatment for the pigmentation? Lightening cream,suncream

I use zinc suncream religiously, but still feel its getting darker from the sun

Thanks for your response

My pigmentation was grey- like a shadow
I use thermolysis.
I didn’t use any lightening creams on advice from my dermatologist, but I do use sunscreen now everyday and reapply throughout day. I also almost always wear a hat now in sun.
My hair was extremely thick; before my first electrolysis treatment I couldn’t’t last for more then 3 days without threading or getting rid of hair; it was way too noticeable.
Btw - I am now beyond happy. I only have one little area of pigmented skin; but, like I said, I think it’s an ingrown hair and Im Just waiting for it to eventually pop out.
Good luck!!!


Which suncream do you use, I’ve tried so many and breakout,using burnout at the moment, how often do you apply the cream

Did you exfoliate or anything or did you just let it lighten over time? I use a lot if products and take supplements but it’s not helping

Make up does not cover it for me,it just looks cakey and horrible

I use le Roche pose moisturizer / sunscreen usually twice a day.
No supplements. Light exfoliation once or twice a week at home.
You’ll be very happy w results if u stay committed to electrolysis.
Also, it’s quite addictive since results are good!