I have a client that i have treated a few times now and not sure if it is pigmentation or post inflammation or if it was there already… could you please advise… she has quite thick hair she used to have fine hair and started to wax over a year ago (i suspect longer) and has no developed a problem… she waxes every week however sees growth three/four days after waxing she has quite a problem, recommended her an hour session a week to clear up her weekly growth however noticed i have attached before pictures (FIRST FOUR) where no elec was done

How do i add pictures people?!

and a picture of her after the 3rd treatment (last two pictures)… this is after two weeks since last treatment she has been using tea tree oil and some apres cream however not as regular as i want her to, have advised to use a few times a day to keep area moisturised and bacteria free.

from the first pictures before i started to treat her you can see there is darkness around the hair and the area is quite dark… i am getting worried that i am doing something wrong! :-(!

Is there something else i can advise her? any other creams or oils i can recommend?

I use a size 5 gold needle and some hairs on the neck area are very thick which need around 3 zaps. The hair is quite deep 3/4ths of the needle

The last time i treated her i turned down the heat to see if it made any difference however the hair would come out with the dermal papilla quite stringy and gloopy and would kinda of peel out of the sheath…

Your advise would be much appreciated hope to hear from you soon

Hi timeaamit. For some clients, hyperpigmentation can be averted by icing immediately following treatment. I do not suggest using oils or creams on tissue that tends to hyperpigment as oils and creams keep the area hot, longer. Use something cooling like an aloe vera gel.

Also, which school did you attend? Did you have an opportunity to use insulated probes much? Are you familiar with how to modify your working style and equipment settings with an insulated probe? This might be helpful as - when used properly - the insulated probe will concentrate the activity lower in the follicle and might minimize the hyperpigmentation but icing is still suggested.

Using the thickest probe possible is ideal. Do you release energy at different levels within the follicle? Are any of your, “zaps” close to the epidermis?

To date, I have never seen a dermal papilla come out of the follicle and hope you learn to upload pics so that I have a better idea of what everything looks like.

Put the picture on PhotoBucket.com and load the picture in the post from there.