Pictures from my chest waxing, please help!!!!!!

hello everyone, i just waxed my chest for the first time and this is what happened
what should i do to make this go away?!
what should i do to avoid this in the future?!

That’s common. The best thing to do is cleanse the area with witch hazel or Tend Skin right after. Then put on some 100% aloe gel. The redness should go away in a few hours. If you use the astringents, you can avoid welts and pustules some people get after treatment.

Stay out of the sun until the area is completely back to normal!

okay thanks! now i know for future reference! haha too bad i already did it! well for now i should i just keep cleaning it with astringents in the shower, than after i get out put aloe onto it? or is it too late, do i just have to wait it out? i read on some of these forums that people say to exfoliate on the area 2 - 4 days after…should i? or is that for people who dont get these reactions? will the astringent and ale make the redness AND white heads go away?
thanks so much for the response!

You should cleanse the area each day. Once there is no more redness, exfoliate to keep the hairs from getting ingrown as they come back in.

ok thanks, any specific kinds of cleansers? i have some for facial achne, and than some bar soap… which should I use?
thanks again!

At the risk of sounding ignorant, what exactly is exfoliating? Or, more specifically, what products can I use to exfoliate with?

Whenever I shave my arms and shoulders I get really nasty redness and the occasional ingrowns - especially on my shoulders. The chest and abs do great but what can I do about the ingrown-infested areas?

its when you use like a lufa or something like that with some body scrub and it removes the dead skin cells so that they dont clog the pores and prevent hair from getting ingrown

I have a loofah; what type of bodywash works to exfoliate? Just any bodywash?

How often should it be done and how long before/after shaving?

The use of Tend Skin will prevent and treat ingrown hairs. It’s expensive but well worth it. You don’t have to apply it in a heavy coat, it goes a long way. After waxing it takes awhile to grow back so you don’t have to exfoliate right away. If you exfoliate too early, you may increase irritation.


are you supposed to put the tend skin on right after u wax?
and than are u supposed to put it on daily after that?