I’m scheduled for my first laser treatment on January 18. I had a free consultation and the clinic is very professional, I’m comfortable with my decision. My question is about vitamins/herbal supplements and photosensitivity. The person I talked to there was very concerned that I not take anything prior to the treatment that might make me more sensitive to burning. She mentioned some herbal supplements that I don’t use anyway, but now I’ve start taking a multi vitamin, and I’m worried that there might be something in it that will make me more sensitive. Does anyone have any info on that, or somewhere that I can look? I also plan to call the laser clinic and ask if they have a list.


The one to be concerned about is St. Johns Wort. Multi-vitamin is fine, but to be in a safe side you can stop taking it a day before the treatment.

I’m curious… what would the side effects/effects on skin be from taking that herb and then getting laser?

The herb would make your skin more photosensitive, which basically means that you would burn. The same would happen if you went out in the sun after taking that herb - you would burn more easily than usual.

Thanks for the response, I appreciate the help.