Photosensitive Drugs?

I’m wondering what the effect of photosensitive drugs do to a LHR treatment? Do they just make it ineffective or do they cause harm?
Also, are percocets a photosensitive drug?

You can burn, just as in the sun or tanning bed. Here is one list of photosensitive medications.

Call your prescribing physician or pharmacist whenever in doubt.

Some medications are more likely to cause a photosensitive reaction than others. Psoralens are very photosensitive and are often used to enhance the response to UV therapy for certain medical problems like some cancers and psoriasis. And not everyone will have a photosensitivity reaction to a drug.I would say photosensitive reactions to Advil are very rare. There is no warning on the bottle and you never hear much about photosensitive reactions given the number of people that take it.Does photosensitivity apply to UV light or all wavelengths? The literature does not specify this. Different wavelengths of light don’t have the same effect.So if you are in doubt, ask your doctor and paharmacist. And also get a test spot.RJC2001