Photo Derm or Light Sheer Laser????


First off… Thanks to all for the info on this site. It has been a real eye opener. I am going
to invest in removing my back hair, but I’m unsure who to trust. A dermatologist in the area
who I trust uses a Photo Derm light he says is similar to, but better than Laser. I have not seen
any other info on this system. My other choice is the Light Sheer Laser.
Has anybody heard of the Photo Derm and had any experiance with it??
Thanks Again for the Info


Photo Derm is an IPL system - this is is no way comparable to laser. For hair removal you want to go for laser rather than IPL - IPL’s hair removal is more temporary, like a “laser waxing” - the hair is gone for several weeks, then all grows back. With the right laser and technician you can achieve permanent reduction, and the remaining hair being much, much finer and lighter in texture. If you are very light-skinned and have dark hair, you should not have much of the negative side effects from the LightSheer.


That’s what I suspected. Thanks for the reply.