Philips Super Sensitive Satinelle

Has anyone used this newer version of the Satinelle? I have a Emjoi Gently Gold Caress and I don’t like it much. The pain is unbearable. Yeah, I like how they say you won’t feel much pain at all. lol Plus, some of the hairs get broken right off.

Todd, epilators are targeted to women. They may work with little pain on the ladies; but when used on thick man hair, it’s going to hurt. You might try using a hair inhibitor if you wish to continue epilating.

I’m currently trying a hair inhibitor and it seems to be working (slowly) to reduce hair growth.

I heard that if you have the area waxed beforehand, that it will be less painful when epilating in the future. Which hair inhibitor have you been using if I may ask?

The hair inhibitor I use is called InhibiCell by It can be purchased at Wal-Mart. However, one of its warnings is that it is for “women only.”

I’m currently looking into whether there are negative side effects on men who use this product. They don’t elaborate about it on the product or on the website. So, I can’t recommend it, but there are many other inhibitors on the market that might be worth a try.

Also, waxing is a good idea. Just make sure you exfoliate on a regualar basis and perhaps use a product like TendSkin to reduce ingrown hairs.

The Satinelle and Emjoi are both price-point devices, which is a fancy ad way of saying they are cheaper materials.

Though everyone is welcome to try whatever they wish, I feel obligated to point out that no over-the-counter hair inihibitors can back their claims with published clinical data. They are quite possibly a complete waste of money.

Mr.Smooth, how’s that hair inhibitor you’re using doing? Andrea, why are Emjoi epilators some of the most expensive if they are made from some of the cheaper materials of the epilators? Also, Philips epilators seem to be very popular too.

Todd: I’m a woman, but I’ve used an epilator on my husband before. Epilators tend to not be as painful for women because most of us start using an epilator when we have stubble, not to mention our legs just take a beating in general from shaving, waxing yadda yadda. So, I discovered that shaving my husbands hair down to around a 1/4 an inch and then epilate was much much less painful for him. If you epilate long hairs, you are more prone to break them off. Some electric shavers, norelco in particular, have a height adjustable shave head.

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Todd, I’m a transgendered guy, so I’ve been shaving my legs since I was 17(I’m 31). My girlfriend who’s now my wife first let me use her original Epilady back then and OH MY GOSH! did it hurt! But I was determined so I did both my legs with it. I now use the Braun Silk Epil and even though it takes a long time to get it done, my legs stay nice and smooth for a couple of weeks at a time at least. Using the epilators on men gets easier over time. Just make sure you do shave first, let the hair grow out a bit because long hairs will break and you will be in for a world of hurt.

If you’re as determined as I was, it won’t be as bad with subsequent epilations. My leg hairs at this point are much finer and not as wiry as they used to be. They look a little more like women’s hairs and not us nappy men’s leg hairs.

Hope it helps.

tgkedsgirl, is it hard for you to get the back of the legs? I’m a guy, and I’m thinking about using my emjoi on my legs. Shaving is not an option; I hate shaving, because even immediately after shaving, you can still the hairs under the skin.

I’ve used my emjoi on my arms, chest, and feet. It does hurt, and it takes work, but I’m like you, I’m determined. But I was just wandering is it possible to do the legs; I’m not sure how you would get the back.


What type of Emjoi do you have? Are you pretty hairy on the areas you removed the hair from?

I have a Gently Gold Caress. I also have an emjoi that can be used for smaller areas. I don’t know what the name is(it just says “emjoi” on the machine), but it is pink. Since it is smaller, it is less painful, but it takes longer to cover the areas.

I’m medium hairy, I guess you could say. I usaully Nair a couple of days before epilation. I actually haven’t really gotten into the swing of epilating on a regular basis, because it is just SO painful. So since I only do it sporadically, it’s like starting over every time. They say once you start epilating regularly, the pain will lessen, and there will be less hair that grows in at a time. I really need to commit to using my epilator regularly, so I can see these results. I just need to get past the damn pain.

I use the Emjoi Optima.

When I started using it, I had different types of hairs.
I had places, that I shaved, waxed and Nair.
After talking to many people I desided to try this model.
The only place that I had a little stinging was the area that I was previous shaving. Afterthat all hairs being removed just feel like a pin prick
What sets this Epilator apart from all others is the two rows, along with a strong but quite motor.