Philadelphia: International House of Electrolysis

<p>International House <a name=cavuto1></a> House of Electrolysis<br>
<strong><em>Academie Internationale</em></strong><br>
MarieT. Cavuto, C.P.E., C.C.E., C.R.E., Master COTIE, FESNY, D.A.A.M.<br>
Dermal Therapist - Certified Medical Electrologist - Dermatician
<p> 1525 South Broad St.<br>
Suite 2<br>
Philadelphia, PA 19147<br>
(215) 463-7374<br>
(888) 722-0011

Office Hours:<br>

By Appointment<p>

Description of Practice:<br>
State of the Art Electrolysis - Short Wave and Blend and Multi-Needle Galvanic;
Permanent Makeup (Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Scar and Camouflaging); Glycolic Peels,
Therapeutic Myo-Facial Lift Massage; Derma-Pigmentation; Skin Care-Body Enhancement;
Specializing in men as well as women. See Also: <a href=cavuto2.htm>Cinnaminson,
NJ</a> and <a href=cavuto3.htm>Mount Holly, NJ</a>