"personal" shavers - help???

my skin is extremely sensitive on my bikini/genital area (of course.) shaving, waxing, sugaring, etc. have all left me with red bumps, irritation, scars, and/or whiteheads. i recently heard about “personal” aka pubic shavers and i’m wondering which one i should try… the prominent ones online are…

Hair eRazor
Seiko Cleancut
Body Bare

does anyone have any insight on which is best? i have EXTREMELY sensitive skin.


There have been positive mentions about Seiko Cleancut in this forum, and the Amazon reviews are encouraging. Supposed to give the closest shave of them all. Made in Japan.

So for me that’s the one I’d try. The only reason why I haven’t done so yet, is because I’m too embarrassed to use an electrical shaver when there’s a man in the house.

Have you considered electrolysis? It’s really helping me with this problem.

thank you for your response – i agree, i have read many positive reviews on the Seiko, but the eRazor has a lot as well… i’ll let you know which one i purchase and how well it works for me.

i have considered electrolysis, but to be quite honest, i’m terrified. i have heard of irritation occuring after electrolysis treatments, and therefore i can conclude it is not for me. my skin is so sensitive that when it is irritated at all, it lasts for weeks. also, i am a student and don’t have the money for repetitive, expensive treatments! i am glad to hear that it is working for you though, and i’m sure it works for many others as well. i can imagine that hair being permanently removed is bliss, but i don’t mind the upkeep. i just need something that works for my skin!

Seiko Cleancut is by far the best. Body bare is complete junk. I’ve had my Seiko Cleancut for many years and it shaves as close as a razor without any razor burn or bumps. Just make sure to use powder like the instructions say. Another tip- get a C battery to AA battery converter and use a rechargeable AA battery instead of the C battery.

thanks for the tips – i am leaning toward the Seiko. the more i read about it, the better it looks! just wondering, do you use it on the pubic area yourself? and your skin doesn’t react badly at all? i’m very glad to hear it gives a close shave… that’s also very important to me, i’m one of those people who likes to be “baby smooth” at all times.

Yep, I use it almost exclusively on my pubic hair (and being a guy, some areas are tricky) and no bumps or irritation at all. I’ve been using it daily for many years.

Why done you go with the laser treatment. Just once and it is done…

You’re a professional? In what field? Where are your credentials? This entire post sounds like you got paid to post it by Bare It All, or whoever makes it. I see no mention of any personal experience with the shaver by you.

The problem I see with that razor is that the trimmer will get in the way when shaving the nooks and crannies of the human body. For trimmers like these to be practical, they cannot have anything protruding near the head (the trimmer) or it’s going to gouge your skin when shaving private parts or even under arms simply because of the shape of these parts.

This is the first time I’ve heard of “personal” shavers, so thanks to girlproblems for this thread. In my case, it’d be a guyproblem. What I do with mine is I shave the stray hair and just “trim” the rest. I don’t want to go completely bald down there. But the shaver that I’ve been using is just a regular razor, and it is VERY tricky to work with. I like the look of this Seiko Cleancut. Definitely has a smart design; I’ve only seen photos of the product in the official site (via the links posted above), and I already know how to use it.