hello are there any hair removal methods out there that are 100% permenent? every one i talk to who does HAIR REMOVAL says that a person would have to come in periodically for touch up cause their methos does not 100% get all the hairs?? also is there certain HAIR REMOVAL methods that work better than others and dont require so many different treatments to permenently remove one spot? i just want to remove hair from lower neck area and some patches on back but most say it would take 6-8 treatments to achieve permenent and then have to come in periodically to get stray hairs. please help??

Electrolysis is 100% permanent hair removal.

Neck hairs are not usually stimulated by the factors that cause new hairs to grow on the face, so once you get finished, you should be done.

You will need to go for multiple treatments of varying lengths for 9 - 18 months, but for these areas, when you are finished you will be finished.

Oh, well, the back may require some touch ups, as one ages, but not because the treatment did not work, but because one has new untreated follicles growing hair in that place. Surely you have seen some older men growing hair on the top of their nose, and out of their ears.

what is your skin and hair type? did you read the FAQs? this specific question is answered there. electrolysis is permanent and laser is for certain skin and hair types and situations (coarse dark hair, light skin).