Hi, have lurked here for a while and finally plucked (ha) up courage to get electrolysis for my upper lip and chin. I don’t know why but I suddenly started getting hair there about 3 years ago and suspect it was a side effect of a course of isotretinoin for persistent comedonal acne (non inflamed).
Have done a little bit of electrolysis with the Clean n Easy which worked but risky on the face. The lady I saw was very nice but I think she’s pretty old school. She’s definitely qualified and experienced.
She explained the basics to me (had never heard of the Clean n Easy and was shocked) but said one thing I’m unsure about: basically that she could ‘kill/zap’ the hair permanently but I’d go through the roof with pain (I really wouldn’t actually, I don’t find it painful at all DIY and her treatment not painful either) so instead she has to progressively weaken the blood supply to the hair over time.
I know that hair growth cycles mean new hair is coming in all the time etc but does this sound right as it kind of sounded as though the hair was simply weakened, not ‘killed’. In other words I’m stuck with the exact same hair but it’ll be finer?
It could be me misunderstanding but that’s what it sounded like? If anyone could clarify I’d be very grateful. It was the first appt and I’m still left with hair (she said about an hour to get it all but is busy so I can only have half hour end of this week and then not til October…) I may ask if I can find somone else to treat me in that period (she’s away). A lot of the hair is pale (but oddly dark if viewed from a different angle). Some coarser, some less.
Anyway many thanks and grateful for any input. Desperate to get rid of this, am cursed with beauty issues.


Whereabouts in the UK are you and how far would you be willing to travel? I or someone else may be able to point you in the direction of another electrologist. If you understood correctly, some of the things your current electrologist said raises red flags.

This thread may help you:

A hair if treated properly is killed first time.

Thanks, will check that out. I’m near Reading and can travel.
It was really the progressive weakening I was worried about, I want it gone. Desperately.
Thanks again and yes, would be interested in finding someone to treat even if only while she’s away.

If you can travel to London I can recommend Geri. She posts on hairtell too and is able to do longer appointments (with some notice of course).

Her website is

Good luck.

I second that.

Thanks very much. Yes, have heard of Geri, she sounds great. There is an electrolygist nearby who is on the British association of electrolygist’s list- it would be much easier in terms of travel to see someone local but I’m aware that it’s hard to find anyone good, the lady I first saw isn’t named on this site at all yet is highly qualified…
Very hard to know if that’s enough to go by, reviews are next to impossible to find.

This is true for some of the hairs, I have been having electrolysis for 2 years I no longer have any thick dark hairs but so go and get the long blonde or thin brown ones that pop up every couple of months.
When I started out some of the hairs would be gone first time but their were a couple of hairs that were darn stubborn and would come back in the same area about 3 months later just thinner.
My electrolysis pointed out to me in the beginning that if it came before before 3 months it would be a new hair growth and not the same hair.
However there will be some that are bent or just need an extra zap or 2 to be gone for good.
this should only be a tiny perportion of the hairs and definately not what happens to all the hairs most are zapped and killed first time.

If you go with someone that isn’t registered its always wise to ask why they haven’t bothered to register and see if you find their explantion understandable for you. I don’t understand if their would be anything negative for them to not want to register perhas there is that we are not aware of.
The lady I use is registered and being offering the service since the 70’s.
They are checked yearly and have to undertake a random premise inspection too.
Although the women I see is good at what she does she’s 20 minutes drive from me.
There is another one that is registered just over an hour from me that is also listed as being the head teacher for sterex
so I would assume would offer a good service and would be interested to see the difference since I haven’t tried anyone else.
Although the 2.5 hr round trip has put me off.
I’m not sure where you are based but her name is Carolyn Claypole