Permanent Scalp Hair Removal?

Unfortunately…I am experiencing “Male Pattern Baldness”. I don’t see how I can continue to look in the mirror each morning at the conspicuous hap-hazard borderline that circum-navigates the equator of my cranium. It’s utterly unbearable. Can “ANYONE”…please, refer me to anyone or anything that will effectively rid me of scalp hair for good?
Hell at this point, I’d be willing to give “Chemo” a shot. Thank You!!

Are you trying to regain or destroy your scalp hair?

Because what we do is more permanent than tattooing, most electrologists are not all that eager to take on scalp hair removal. One must really be able to make a good case for seeking this treatment. Also, since it is such a visible area, one must find a good practitioner so that one does not trade “Hulk Hogan Fring” for a cranium full of freckles, pits and bumps.

You should sacrifice some of your hair elsewhere while you are searching for the good ones in your area. I suggest you test patch practitioners on neck, chin, or facial hair, because this is an area you can keep track of, and will give a good accounting on how that electrologist practices techiques used for constantly visible skin. You would not want someone practicing on your scalp the same way one would on a back.