Permanent loss of feeling?

I’m very worried. I had electrolysis done (blend method) 3 times to my upper lip and chin (30 minutes each time, once a week) and my face does not seem to be healing. I haven’t gone in a month but there are areas that are still numb and occasionally hurt. The left side of my top lip itself (not where I’ve had work done, but where I apply lipstick) is the most numb of all. Do you think I’m going to have to live with this loss of feeling for the rest of my life? I feel like I’ve been punished for my vanity! The place I went to was highly recommended by friends, and is attached to a dermatology clinic. So I never imagined something like this could happen (otherwise I never would have gone).

  • Marina

Loss of feeling is not a side effect of electrolysis. You’ve had numbness for one month??? After three 30 minute treatments??? What you describe is not the usual outcome.

You didn’t mention what the area’s looked like right after treatment, 24 hours later, 72 hours later??? Do you think you were overtreated? I’m not sure what you mean by not healing. Are you a diabetic by any chance? Can you mention something about the products you used for aftercare?

Can you discuss this with the electrologist who treated you, since she can see you? Having a dermatology clinic “attached” can certainly be helpful. Why not be seen by a physician for the numbness issue? If perhaps a facial nerve was stimulated (wild guess), then that may explain some of your symptoms.

I sincerely doubt that you will have numbness for the rest of your life. It’s best that you follow up with people that can see you because all one can do on the internet is just ask questions and make logical guesses.


Have you learned any more? Are you still having problems? Having similar issues and curious what your outcome has been.
Hope you are doing better!