Permanent hair removal


Can you help? I have been reading lots of different websites including this one and i am getting more and more confused.

I am looking for a form of permanent hair removal that i can do myself. I want to do this on my legs which obviously is a large area of coarse hair. The finally free product sounded perfect until i read the posts on this site, so i need to think again.

Can electrolysis with needels be done at home by an unqualified person? and if so what do i need to buy and how hard is it to do?


We can be more helpful to you if you actually put your location in your profile.

Quick answer, if you remain unqualified, no, you can’t do it.

Use the search feature, or just read around this section of the site for more info. 5 star post strings are highly valued.

sorry don’t know how to put location in but i am in the uk.

i have been looking at the V2R Blend Deluxe Electrolysis Hair Removal System. could i use this myself?

or the Electrolyse Automatique Deluxe Electrolysis System. which said it was suitable for home use.

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Those models you mentioned are not recommended. For the price you would pay for those, you could get a real pro unit on Ebay or some other source and have a better machine for the same price.