Permanent hair removal not possible?


I am from india.
I heard that laser does not achieve permanent
hair removal.
And hair will grow back in a span of 2-5 years?
Is this true?
If this is true, then laser does not completely
destroy the hair follicle?

What is the solution for this?
Also does laser work for light colored hair?


Laser might not work so well on lighter hairs.

Laser is classified as permanent hair reduction, which I think means reduces the color, coarseness, and length of the hair.

I could be wrong about this though, Im no pro.

It’s all semantics, laser getting as permanent removal as electrolysis. Both are dependent upon the skill of the operator and the type of machine being used. Laser has to have a target, however, and that target is the melanin in the hair shaft. If the hair is light blonde or white, then there is NO target and the thermal energy of the laser passes right through. Electrolysis is the answer for this, although there is a product called Meladine that is supposed to color the hair shaft down into the follicle, enough for the laser to target it. The jury is out on this though…keep you posted.

There is only one device that is FDA cleared for “hair removal” and not “hair reduction,” and it’s called the Aurora by Syneron. It is specifically designed to treat ALL hair colors and ALL skin types with out the use of any pre treatments like meladine. It is so far showing the best results for light colored hair. Go to for more info.

Before you go to Syneron for info, make sure that you check this other post string right here on this site. Aurora = ELOS (Electro-Optical Synergy) which is an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)device.;f=43;t=000119

You might also like to know that our new member Blaze is playing her own game of semantics here. The FDA gave clearance to market, not a blessing to call this process PERMANENT Hair Removal. Notice that Blaze never said permanent in her post although the word choice would lead some to jump to that conclusion.

But don’t believe me, here is what Syneron has to say about this from one of their press releases:

“July 16, 2002) – Syneron Medical Ltd. and its North American subsidiary Syneron Inc., today announced that Syneron has received US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) clearance to market the Aurora DS™ system for non-invasive hair removal…The combination of both radio-frequency and optical energy in the Syneron system, known as ELOS technology, is an innovative and exciting development in the treatment of hair removal,” commented Dr. Jerome Garden. “With this approach, one may achieve hair reduction while minimizing the applied light energy and its associated undesired side effects. There is the potential to more safely treat a broader range of hair and skin colors. This technology should also have application for other skin processes that have previously benefited from laser and pulsed light systems.”

So even THE COMPANY THAT MAKES THIS SYSTEM says that what you will be getting is short term hair removal with long term reduction as their promised result.

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Hi all: the bottom line on the Aurora machine is that it gets the same result as any IPL system for hair removal - temporary, like waxing, only much more expensive. :smile:

Hi all: the bottom line on the Aurora machine is that it gets the same result as any IPL system for hair removal - temporary, like waxing, only much more expensive.

waxing vs IPL or Aurora - waxing if I am lucky will last a few weeks - how non permanent is laser? Will it last a few years??? if so then for me it would be worth it to not have to deal with it for such a long span. Currently I am plucking all the time & would love a few year break! Any more info on this?

So far the Aurora doesn’t seem to have much in common with waxing. For one, the hair is not immediately removed. It took about three weeks for the hair to thin out and until then, it pretty much looked normal. At no time is is “bald” like waxing, and i am therefore thinking that the final regrowth will not be like waxing.

If laser doesn’t work for the masses, then why charge so much?? I think many more people would use it knowing that its not permanet but lasts longer than waxing with the possiblity of thinning out areas…