permanent hair removal cream patent

hello just found a Russian patent, product (very easy to do) because only two products need to mix powder with a little water and apply for 20 min, and (says the patent), the hair never further rises.
here is the translation (with google translator):

Inventor’s name: Yakovlev, Alexander G.
The name of the patentee: Yakovlev, Alexander G.
Address for correspondence: 197376, St. Petersburg, Prof. Patent Department, Berkovsky KI
1999.03.31 Date of commencement of the patent: 1999.03.31

The invention relates to cosmetics and to the means for removing unwanted hair. Hair remover contains a mixture of barium carbonate and barium sulphide, and these components are in equimolar ratio. The tool allows you to painlessly remove hair from human skin, with a single procedure is destroyed not only my body hair, and hair follicles.

The present invention relates to cosmetics, in particular to means for removing unwanted hair.

Known tool [1] for hair removal on the basis of resin of coniferous plants, alcohol plants present and physiologically acceptable organic acid. When using the specified means the effect is achieved by mechanical removal of hair - pulling out.

Known tool [2] for removing hair from animal hides used in leather industry. It contains polysulfides of alkali metals, known as "sulfuric liver. However, it can not be used to remove hair from the body due to its high solubility in water and related strongly alkaline reaction, which causes chemical burns to the skin. Some funds that most closely in composition to the proposed.

Task to be solved by the invention is to create a means to safely remove hair from human skin. An additional result is that for one procedure removes hair permanently.

The problem is solved by the fact that the proposed remedy contains, as known, metal sulfide, but in contrast to the well-known proposed means further includes barium carbonate, as well as metal sulfide used barium sulphide, and sulphide of barium and barium carbonate are in equimolar ratio .

For cooking small portions take 1.7 g of barium sulfide and 2.0 g of barium carbonate, which corresponds to the ratio of the components in a mixture of 1:1 mole. This amount of mixture is sufficient to treat about 9 cm 2 skin. The substance is applied in paste state. To this end, a mixture of barium carbonate and barium sulfide is mixed with water. Paste applied to the desired area of the skin layer of 1,5-2,0 mm immediately after preparation and incubated for 20 min. After that, the paste washed off with water without soap, along with the hair. The skin becomes clean and smooth. The remaining areas under the skin of dead hair gradually rejected. It is not recommended to pull out the remnants of hair under the skin, they are rejected within a few days.

Consider the processes which occur when water is added to the mixture of barium sulfide and barium carbonate.

When mixed sulfide BaS barium with water hydrolysis reaction proceeds, reaching the first stage almost to the end:

2BaS + 2H 2 O —> Ba(HS) 2 + Ba(OH) 2 2BaS + 2H 2 O —> Ba (HS) 2 + Ba (OH) 2

Formed with the hydrosulfide barium Ba (HS) 2 plays a role on reducing cystine residues linking the keratin polypeptide chains among themselves. Disulfide links-SS-cysteine converted into thiol cysteine residues that can describe the overall reaction:

As a result, only a small portion of the formed barium hydroxide (BaOH) 2 goes to the salt-and the complexation with cysteine fragments of the peptide chain. The remaining amount of barium hydroxide to associate, to prevent its adverse effects on the skin. This requires an equimolar amount of barium carbonate BaCO 3, formed by the interaction with barium hydroxide Ba (OH) 2 barium hydroxocarbonate (BaOH) 2 CO 3 - soluble basic salt: Ba (OH) 2 + BACO 3 —> (BaOH) 2 CO 3.

Thus, barium carbonate BaCO 3 is a buffer that ensures the maintenance of pH (pH) system in the weakly alkaline region.

Since the cleavage reaction of disulfide cystine bonds under the action takes place gradually reducing, it is necessary to withstand the composition of the skin for about 20 minutes to the reaction was complete and the composition has reached the roots and the hair follicle. In addition, hydrolysis of BaS is a long time, and barium hydrosulfide consumption in reaction with keratin gradually shifts the equilibrium in the hydrolysis reaction of BaS right and hydrolysis reaches the end.

The tests showed that the exposure of the skin for 10 minutes leads to removal of only part of the hairline and 1 month hair growth resumed in 70% of the people, upon standing of at least 15 minutes of hair growth resumed in 25% of the people. Dwell time of 20 minutes ensured complete removal of hair without the resumption of growth in all 40 people who participated in the experiment. One of them paste cause slight reddening of the skin, which was held the next day without using drugs.

The mechanism of action of the substance is as follows. On the hair follicles affected by barium hydrosulfide, hydrogen sulfide and barium hydroxide, which are formed due to the gradual hydrolysis of barium sulfide. In this case, barium hydrosulfide and hydrogen sulfide can renaturirovat cystine disulfide bonds of keratin, making them a cysteine thiol fragments, as a result of alkali salt formation prevents the reverse process. This is disruptive to protein structure and the hair follicle dies. In addition, barium hydroxide has a cauterizing effect on the body and the hair follicle. Released during hydrolysis of barium sulfide is sufficient grounds for such an impact, but is present in a mixture of barium carbonate binds an excess amount of alkali and alkali negative effect on the skin is missing. Weakly alkaline effect on the skin renders it a softening effect, while clearing the pores of the skin.

There are certain limitations to the use of the proposed funds: the presence of lesions of the treated area of skin.

Patent RU N 2057526, cl. A 61 K 7/155. A 61 K 7 / 155.

General course of inorganic chemistry. - М.: 1929, с. - Moscow: State Technical Publishing, 1929, pp. 417 - 420. 417 - 420.

Hair remover containing a metal sulfide, characterized in that it additionally contains barium carbonate, and as the metal sulfide is used barium sulphide, and barium carbonate and barium sulphide are in equimolar ratio.

I would expect this potion to cause more chemical burns than to give a final result of hairlessness with no visible skin damage.

Understand that galvanic and blend work by introducing lye into the follicle, but the body makes the lye, and the amount that is produced is controlled. This potion is applying alkaline chemicals to the skin via the surface in hopes of effecting change deep in the skin.

That is not a good idea, if you like the surface of your skin. Good electrolysis is all about making sure the treatment energy does not reach the skin’s surface, as best as can be managed.

Saw this thread and wondered if anyone has actually tried it or if there are any chemistry students that can confirm it would burn your skin.
Hair removal creams do use barium sulfide.
If it was because I am unable to buy the barium sulfide in UK I would have tried it myself as no one has said it does not work !