Permanent damage from waxing (no burn)


I recently in the last year starting doing a bakini wax/sugar.

I went into a good salon for the first couple of time and got a sugar (paste) bikini sugaring.
Then I started doing it myself a home but with a drug store sugar wax. So basically waxing it didn’t seem any different then normal wax with a strip. . I was familiar with wax, my sister is an estethician and I had waxed her before and have just been around it quite a bit.
The first few times didn’t work so well, but I got it done and everything fine. So the last time I did it, ( I should ad that I’m not an Ingrown hair person, I didn’t get any ingrowns any other times) but the last time I did it, I have what seems like permanent marks/ingrown hair :(.

I’ve had them for like 2 months now. Some of them look like Ingrowns , like I can see the hair I think, but they never flair up or get whitish, like a pimple or anything like that. They just look like light brown moles or something. They’re not going away, I’ve been exfoliating and using a professional ingrown hair roll on treatment. I’ve also only been trimming my hair since these marks showed up, no waxing or shaving.

They are really bothering me, summer is coming and I feel I won’t be able to wear a bikini or shorts and my son and I always got the beach, cause there are quite a few of these marks.
Did I damage my skin permanently? :frowning: I can’t seem to find any info about this, all I find is either Ingrowns and they go away or burns. But it’s not a burn, there was no like burn after or scab. I’ve been burned before on my face.

Any help is muchly appreciated :slight_smile: