Perma Tweez batteries tip

From a reader with an old Perma Tweez (despite the name, it uses a metal probe like the One Touch):

General Medical Company(LA) no longer sales the age old Perma Tweez, however Google will get you to this reference:

Hilco/Wilson reference to GMC’s Perma Tweez <> type “Perma Tweez” in Search Products Text box.

Though Hilco does not sell to the general public, Hilco lets the public browse their product line catalog where I was able to get the battery # (PC175A) for this product. I located the battery at my local battery store (approx. $7).

I have had this unit since the beginning of time though have not used it in many years. Since I could locate it within my organized clutter, I think I found it effective enough to rid those few dark hairs finding themselves above my daily facial shave line.

Hope someone can use this info.