Perma Tech - FAKE!!

I used a company called Perma Tech in New Jersey who claim their transdermal & microlysis systems are the most up-to-date form of electrolysis. Since ending my teatment with them I have heard from others that PermaTech is FRAUDULENT. I stopped tweezing before I began treatment there and my problem became 4 times worse (no exaggeration) because of them. I hope I can prevent others from making the same mistake. If anyone else has a similar experience, please share it. I am so depressed over my hair problem!

Even worse than your experience, is the fact that the person who you paid, may have been the victum of a scam themselves, as well. For those on Ebay, just go take a look at Item # 4167155972 and read the description and see all the lovely pictures and illustrations there.

Not all the people selling so-called Transdermal, Microlysis, and other quackery are knowing shills for the Evil Dark Lords of Temporary Hair Removal masquerading as Permanent Hair Removal.

You are, however entitled to a refund if they actually promised you PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL. Your local small claims court should take care of this nicely.

Mr. Walker, Thank you for your reply. I don’t know what success I’ll have in small claims court because I don’t know what real proof I have besides my word. What is the procedure? What do you suggest? :confused:

I do not believe there are any electrolysis schools in NJ. If there are they are very new and most electrologists in practice in NJ never even had PROPER schooling and clinical training as mandatory licensing is quite recent in this state. At best…I would never let any of them work on me unless I was sure he/she had proper training of about 1000 hours (my opinion). Make sure they use disposable needles and rubber gloves. Get references if you can.

Get a consult from a few of them and you will see how different they work (this will not cost you anything as this is usually free).