perineum / peri-anal area

Hey, I am a 24yr old Male looking to reduce my leg hair and completely remove the hair from my butt and perineum/peri-anal area.

The perineum/peri-anal area seems like a very delicate and senesitve area to treat with electrolysis. I am very worried about permanent scarring and/or disfigurement. Am I worrying needlessly? Is this area like any other?

Are there any electrologists on here that have worked intimately on this area that can put my mind at ease? Also I was wondering if this was a very uncommon area to treat and if it took a certain level of skill and proficiency to work on.

Thanks for reading.

Yes, it takes skill, and it can be done without any noticeable after effects other than lack of hair.

As for sensation of treatment, that is individual and will vary based on both practitioner and client, and many other variables on every individual treatment.

it hurts like hell.

even on a high setting, it’s unlikely you’ll be disfigured.

if you’re gonna work on this area … take a shower before treatment.

bring a wedge pillow with you. lie on your back, tuck the wedge pillow under your bottom so that your butt is angled up. if you are able to, grab your ankles and pull your legs up, about shoulder width apart, so the electrologist can get access the area. take breaks when your arms and legs get tired.