Perineum/Anus Laser Hair Removal - Need Advice

Hey, I was just hoping I could get some advice. I’m looking to get LHR on my anus and perineum area. I have been told that Gentlelase 14joules 18mm spot size would be used on this area. I’m worried about having this area treated because of the different skin tone. I have attached a few photos to show the difference. Does anyone know if this would be the proper laser/settings to use on this area? I have asked this before and was told it wasn’t possible but is there any chance of disfigurement or changes in anatomy to the perineum or anus by the laser or is it completely safe? Sorry about the paranoia and the photos lol! This area is somewhat trimmed so it doesn’t look like I have much hair but I do. Thanks

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It’s hard to say. They need to test. If they’re experienced and think that setting will be fine, then I would trust them.

There is no chance of disfigurement. The worst that can happen is a slight burn since generally your skin is pretty light.