Perfect Deluxe Epilator Package from Centre-Biotechnique-Avance

Hello. I have purchased this hair removal and as i’ven’t read many good things about this company, i’m kinda getting sceptical about the results. As i haven’t gotten it yet, i’d like to know if there is anyone who has ever tried it? Thanks.

Welcome, traraza!

Unlike other products sold by the same scumbags, the one you bought at least has a prayer of achieving the results they claim.

The needle epilation mode should work OK, but you got totally ripped off with this overpriced device. For the same money, you could have gotten a real professional machine from a reputable manufacturer.

The manufacturer (Global Electrolysis Supply using this new name) has had problems in the past with quality control and cheap workmanship. You’re lucky it got to you in one piece, which is more than some consumers can say.

They sold you less than $100 worth of electronic components for $600.00. Not a bad markup for them.