percent regrowth

Can anyone tell me about how many times a hair should have to have the process done on it before it is gone? I was told that 40 to 60% is about the average to be gone and not come back after each treatment and another 40 to 60% of what is left will stay away after the next treatment, etc. Does this sound about right? Also, after treatment, I have had pipmle like places where some of the hairs have been removed which I understand is normal, but some have lasted about three weeks. Can this be normal?

Thanks for any help.

The reason your treatment schedule is so important is because on your first appointment, you will have anywhere from 40 to 80% of your hairs in growth phase. This will give you a kill rate of somewhere between 20 to 60%. Now one would have about 3 weeks before the cleared area would look like it may not have been treated at all. If however you went to your electrologist to get the hairs removed while you still can’t see them, you would have your hairs removed before you even saw them, AND all hair treated would be in growth phase, so all hair removed after the first treatment could be in the 80 to 100% zone. This is why the most aggressive treatment plan calls for lots of long treatments clost together up front, and short infrequent ones towards the end.

The other thing you mention is just hairs that are now not strong enough to break through the skin. Use of tend skin or your own mixture of Alcohol, Aspirin and Water would slough of the skin releasing the hairs, and allowing them to be treated and forever removed.

Good Luck

Thanks for the reply. One question: How can they remove the hair before you can see it. It was my understanding that the hair had to be regrown enough to see it and pull it out after the treatment. Is this wrong?

An electrologist can see the hair close up with magnification before it is visible to others at conversation distance (or even to yourself looking in the mirror).

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