peach fuzz

I am currently having my upper lip, chin and neck treated with the lightsheer diode laser. I would like to expand to the cheeks area and side burns. The have alot of long, light brown (if I don’t bleach them) “peach fuzz” hair mixed in with course, black hairs. I am very nervous about doing that area. Will the peach fuzz be affected by the laser or will they grow back longer and more noticeable. I know that it will be able to treat the black ones successfully but what what about the others? Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks :smile:

Bebba: You might notice a slight reduction of the peach fuzz, or it may even get lighter - neither of these results are a bad thing, I think. Peach fuzz doesn’t really have enough “body” to attract an appreciable amount of laser energy, but it could be slightly lessened. It will definitely affect the darker hair, but it will not make the existing peach fuzz any denser or darker - quite the opposite, so don’t worry about it. :wink:

Yes, that makes sense. The cheeks are such a large area to treat, I guess I am just more nervous about that being way more noticeable.
Thanx for your response :smile: