peach fuzz now thicker after Aurora

I have had several treatments, first with Epilight and now with Light Sheer (sp). It has worked really well on my bikini and underarms. However, unfortunately I asked her to see if it would help the blonde peach fuzz on my face. She used the Aurora and although I have no way of measuring the difference, I swear that my peach fuzz is thicker and perhaps a bit darker and that there is more of it. Is this possible that it stimulated hair growth? I’m actually going to an electrologist to have it removed but it seems like it is going to be a very long process. There is too much for her to clear in one session (2 hours long). Does anyone know if hair treated by laser would be easy to treat by electrolysis (regrowth will minimal) or whether it is more stubborn and will continue to grow. Thanks.

There have been no reports of Aurora increasing hair growth. It is doubtful that would be the cause. If you really do have increased hair growth, it is probably due to hormonal factors or medications you are taking.

For me the Aurora did work on finer hairs, but I would not expect it to do much on peach fuzz. It’s just too fine. Electrolysis would probably the best way to permanently get rid of peach fuzz.


It seems to me as if RJC does not have extensive experience with laser hair removal or has a commercial vested interest in it.

About 5 months ago I began treatment for laser hair removal at an independent clinic in Dallas. I am male and am of Jewish descent, I’m only 22 yet I have a decent amount of hair that I want removed all over my body. I had minimal hair on my upper arms, peach fuzz as you called it. During one session I said that I would like that zapped to see if it would reduce and it indeed several months later is thicker and longer. I was told by my dermatologist that when a hair folice is minimally damaged but not destroyed it can regenerate itself and become thicker and longer than before. If i continue treatments on my upper arms it will eventually reduce but after only one treatment, it is definitely darker and longer hair. Make sure you talk to a variety of people and don’t draw any conclusions after just one response.


RJC has been a very helpfull member of this message board and if you have and issue with his posts then present facts to back your statements or take it too the moderator Andrea.

As for the hair growing fuller and darker due to laser treatments that may be possible but is very unlikely to happen to most people. You are only 22 and have the joy of looking forward to many years to come in which you can grow thicker and fuller body hair. I continued to add significantly to my body hair on the shoulders, back and buttocks past my 30th birthday hence why I started laser hair removal.
I have had good sucess with laser and electrolysis and only post here in an effort to help others with their questions.


Well Hair Sucks 22, I’ve had a lot more experience with laser hair removal than you have. I’m just trying to help others seeking hair removal. Whether you believe me or not is up to you and I really don’t care!

You’ve only had one treatment. I have had 10 treatments on some areas. After one treatment, you are the one jumping to conclusions! At your age, hair will grow thicker and darker on it’s own, it is very unlikely to be the laser.

If you think the laser is causing hair to grow thicker, then quit using it and either; 1) get electrolysis, 2) shave, or 3)accept your hairiness and do nothing. It’s that simple!

And no, I have NO commerical interest in any hair removal device or operation.

Don’t be jealous of others who have had success with laser hair removal.


“I was told by my dermatologist that when a hair folice is minimally damaged but not destroyed it can regenerate itself and become thicker and longer than before. If i continue treatments on my upper arms it will eventually reduce but after only one treatment, it is definitely darker and longer hair.”
It is mostly correct. Peach fuzz does not absorb enough laser energy to be burned, and some times (not always) may come back thicker on some people. I recommend my patients not to tuch it.

i am convinced by personal experience and other people’s that lasers can result to thicker darker and coarser hair. i had fine brown hair covering cheeks and side-burns. i had 4-5 treatments with alexandrite candella laser. now hair have grown thickier than ever. i am going to try electrolysis as a solution to my problem.

If this is true about fine hair becoming thicker because of laser, should one stop using laser when ones thick hairs have become fine because then you risk the fine hair becoming thick again?? It sounds strange and horrible.

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fine hair can be treated if correct, high enough settings are used. increased hair growth seems to be caused by undertreating an area which only had peach fuzz to begin with. I would recommend not to touch peach fuzz in general to avoid this. If you have a lot of fine hair in one area, it should be fine to do laser as long as high settings are used. If the hair follicle is only partially damaged, your body stimulates more blood supply to repair it, and that’s what hair feeds on to begin with. So, you need to make sure that the hair is killed when treated with laser, which higher settings ensure.

Also, it seems that most people who witness more hair growth after laser usually see it on a woman’s face or men’s shoulders from the postings I’ve seen. I’m getting my stomach area done where there is fine hair and it is going fine so far (2 treatments). It is obvious that the coarser hairs are being affected a lot better though.

Thankyou lagirl.
The thing is that I have fine thinn hairs in the area between my back and my stomach/chest, I meen at my “sides” (I donät know how you say it in english). Could those become thick too? Because it seems that because I’m brown (skin type 5) no hair follicles actualy die but just gets damaged and produce much thinner hair.
Do you know anything about the settings with IPL (Medilux)? I was treated with 21J and 20ms five times and the last time with 24J.

Also I’m very scared to beginn treating my chest becuse I am afraid hair will start growing from the top of my sternum up to my neck because of the treatment!!! Could this happen?
I have treated my shoulders and they have got better, but I see new hairs above my clavicula area that I didn’t have before.

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LAGirl, i was thinking how you mentioned that finer hairs can be treated if high enough settings are used, however if one who was very tan, or naturally darker, wouldn’t there be burning possiblities involved because they’d be darker with more chance to burn…just wondering…bc i am dark and think about laser all the time, just don’t have the guts to go through with it at this point, but may be sooner than i thought…? or maybe not? im not sure yet…take care all

Eroca, I have this concern too. I meen having dark skin maybe you can’t do much more then damage the follicles and make the hair thinn bacuse you can’t treat with high enough fluence.

That’s why you need to use a Yag lasers. They are made for darker skin types, so high settings can be used safely. I haven’t seen any change in my fine stomach hair after the treatments by the way. This is pretty rare and shouldn’t be a concern with an experienced tech.

so you can use higher settings for fine hairs with a yag laser such as coolglide and have good results? you’re having your stomache done and it has fine hairs and you’re getting results? thats great news…ya irianianboy it sucks huh…lol being dark is cool but not being able to get good results bc of the fact is stupid

No, I am using an alex, GentleLASE. But it’s possible to achieve this with a Yag, but the tech has to be experienced and know exactly what they are doing to set the right settings. It is a bit harder with a Yag I hear. Unfortunately, you just won’t know until you try it.