peach fuzz hair

there are some peach fuzz hair on my cheeck bones upper lips side of cheeks me very sad how i remove them

My question for you is what is the color of your skin and your peachfuzz hair? It is not out of the ordinairy to have hair that is visible in the sunshine, and that is something one really should learn to live with. There is however some hair that is unacceptable, and is understandably unwanted. The problem is finding someone who is both skilled enough to remove it, and has the equipment needed to make it a flawless removal with full clearance as the result.

We will do the best we can for you.

well color of my hair is very light someone tell me to use 3 tea spoon of honey + 1 table spoon of lemon juice and apply as a face mask and apply this mask twice a week thats treatment ok or not my skin is super sensitive or plz you tell me solution i wanna get rid of these hairs for life