PDT for hair removal


Photodynamic therapy is an emerging procedure that has been useful in treating certain types of cancers. Its use in hair removal is still under investigation and is currently not commercially available.

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Photodynamic therapy for hair removal


I tried it in Italy by one of the developer of this. 3 years ago. at the same it was compared with a new (at the moment)laser (probably Nd Yag).
laser was very painful PD not. BUT no results in both. 1 Alexandrite cynosure treatment last year caused about 10-20 % diminution after 10 months, but VERY painful!!! DOctor told me in confidence that alexandrite laser is innefctevive if the fluence is so low to not induce pain, but he did’nt use EMLa or sililar because told pain is the unique signal to avoid real skin damage, so wen is to high to be intolerable, fluence is at the max possible and he set fluence at a bit minus (20J 20 ms). I also noted yhis: where he spotted twice exactly the same place, there are some small bald zones. I suppose it is VERY INTERESTING (one treatment only done). I’ m thinkig of proposse him to try that for a larger zone : passing twice in the same treatement. DID ANYONE TRY IT??


In USA the doctor MUST get informed consent to treat any patient, however, if the treatment is experimental he is doing experiments on a human and the cost is being picked up by a company who is interested in marketing the device. A team of doctors have to approve any experiments on a human.

The lack of data on any NEW process is what makes it experimental. You were a human Guinea Pig and it is unethical and illegal to charge a patient for an experiment. All patients MUST BE VOLUNTEERS after a complete explanation of the risks and possible risks. Most often the volunteers are paid for the USE OF THEIR BODY.