PCOS & unwanted hair growth nightmare

Hi all,

I have PCOS and i’m covered in hair all over me & i have a beard since 20 years old, i’m 35 now. I’m mixed-race, half Indian/half English so this makes me more hairy (my indian genes). This doesn’t bother me except for having boyfriends, i get so worried about it as i know men don’t like hairy women.

I was wondering how all of you women with PCOS & unwanted hair growth & beards be in relationships and have boyfriends & husbands?
I currently shave all the hair off & i have to shave all over and it takes hours everyday. I don’t wax it off because it has to be half a cm long before you can wax it off. It is so, so awful having to shave all the time. I get rashes & spots from hair removal so that makes it even harder.

I’m currently having laser treatment on my face, but that takes 8 months to do that (one treatment a month), and i don’t know if it will work as i had 5 treatments on my face before but that didn’t work and only made the hair worse. To do 3 or 4 areas with laser would take years & years & thousands of pounds and i need a solution to it now!

I have a boyfriend at the moment, but i haven’t seen him for 5 weeks now since before xmas because i’ve been so worried about being hairy & having to remove all the hair. I’ve been really stressing about it with noone to talk to about it. I only have my boyfriend in my life right now & don’t know noone else & don’t see my family, i have been scared i can’t see him anymore and i won’t know anyone then or have anyone to talk to because i’m hairy and i really, really love him and i won’t be able to see him anymore.

He keeps asking to see me everyday but i say no. I’m so worried about what to do. I wish they would invent something for women (& men) to easily get rid of hair growth - like a cream that would dissolve it down to the root that you just put on you once a month. I would do anything to be smooth and i keep thinking about all the other women out there who just do their legs & armpits, that must be so easy and i wish i was like that.

I don’t know how i can live with a man because of this or go on holiday with a man. I’ve tried tablets from the doctors but they don’t work on the hair.

I keep thinking my boyfriend would be better off with another woman because i’m hairy, and if it wasn’t for that it would be ok and i would be so happy to be with him.

All there is is shaving, waxing and laser treatment and the epilator i find too painful. I can’t find a solution to my hair growth problem all my life.

I’ve posted this as i’ve noone to talk to. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated, how can you have a boyfriend/husband if you are hairy?


If you are no darker than a light medium brown in skin color, and if the hair is dark, consider a home IPL machine. I just posted this on the home ipl board, Silk’n has come out with a home IPL machine that doesn’t need cartridge replacing for a looooooooong time.

The silk’n Sens Epil is a home IPL machine that is good for hair management. It means that your skin can be smooth for months on end. It is expensive (the new model is $600) but i have been hairy in my life and know that it’s just the deal, that some of us have to spend that extra money and that crazy extra time.

If you are unfamiliar with this machine, read the reviews on amazon. Many users there have pcos/hormone issues and use this to manage your hair. A person has to be no darker than a light medium brown in skin color and the hair must be dark.

Permanent hair removal for pcos can be tricky because it all depends on where you are in getting treatment for your pcos, but i’m assuming you’ve talked to your doctor about that.

Anway, the home IPL machines, if your skin and hair are suitable for the machine, will take a while at first, but they’re awesome. but read through the reviews on amazon, you’ll get the gist of it.

here’s the 40,000 pulse XL i refer to in the home ipl section:

and here’s the regular listing with reviews.

(the regular for $300-400 only has 750 shots and new 750 shot cartridges are $50 so in the long run that one is more expensive)

Read through them so you know whether this might be something to look into. I’ve used one 3 times and did my whole lower arms because a friend of mine had one. Used it, the hair fell out 3 weeks later, then a month later did it again, same thing, hair fell out 3 weeks later, etc. And then after you’ve done the treatment 8-12 times it stays away for months for most.

Hi prettysure,

thanks for your post.

My skin is very pale, white but i have dark hair so it really shows up on me.

I have just bought the NO! NO! Machine and i’m going to try that - it might work great and no more shaving.

I’m going to have 2 years of laser treatment on 3 areas and that might help me, although it is not an immediate solution to it and will cost alot.

I might also try out this home IPL machine you are talking about - it sounds great that the hair stays away for months eventually. I have the Phillips Lumea but haven’t tried it out yet, i just want a solution to my problem or something to make it easier.

In my practice I have met many people who have used the No No, Tria and Silkn Sense with no results. Save your money and find a good practitioner(s) who will help you eliminate your unwanted hair with good electrolysis and laser treatments. If you have not already done so see your doctor and have a thorough physical examination and blood testing to determine exactly what is going on.

There have been many posts on this forum regarding these at home devices. If they did work all the professionals on this forum and others would be out of business.

Good luck.

no results, like the hair is not even falling out? or are they looking for perm results. Few people get no temporary/long-lasting hair removal from what i’ve read. The home IPL machines for hair management, like waxing, not for perm hair removal. So it’s an option for people who don’t want to shave daily or wax monthly, which is messy and the skin is never really smooth and who don’t currently have $1,000’s for perm hair removal all over and want relief before they’re able to save up for those thousands.

but agree wholeheartedly, she should see a doctor if she isn’t already doing so.

Return the nono, it is the worst product on the market. Seriously. Check amazon reviews, that thing sucks. But check reviews so you can see what people don’t like about it.

Laser rules, what laser are they using? Although if you’re not managing the pcos you know that it’s not going to give you what it gives others, right? Although sometimes there are such awesome packages that it’s actually worth it, like getting an amazing waxing.