PCOS UK Conference

For those in the UK, Verity is holding its UK conference on 27th November in London. Verity is a UK charity for ladies with PCOS

You can view the agenda here.


I shall be going so if you do come, please come and say Hello!


Hi Gill, I know you posted awhile ago, however just wondering if you or other uk electrologists know if clients can get electrolysis on the nhs or as a tax break. I have a young client with PCOS and extremely strong hair growth on face and body, she have seeked medical advice from GP however he was quite dismissive.

Hi mhawkes, I believe you can but it probably depends on the PCT.

There is a poster on here who is getting electrolysis on the NHS.

And recently I found out that my friend’s sister in Sheffield was having electrolysis on the NHS. I asked how she can convinced the doctor for electrolysis rather than Laser (which I know many more have had on the NHS) but she said she didn’t know.

I think she needs to find a sympathetic GP to begin with, the provide information to show that electrolysis is the only technique that will work.

I will try to find out some more info for you about the other electrologist. If you’re client can provide information on electrologists already working for the NHS for this, I’m sure it will help.

Thanks for the info, I think I shall send an info pack about electrolysis to her GP