PCOS supression

I have noticed in reading other posts that laser and electrolysis are more effective if hormones are in control. I have taken Aldactone in the past and got off it as I desired a pregnancy. Now with that achieved- My question is-is there a certain birth control pill that is beneficial for the hair growth? I have heard of a pill called Dianette but my MD thinks that it is not available here in the US as he has not heard of it. Does anyone ahve any info on this?

Dianette and other birth control pills probably do not have the androgen blockers you need to see a reduction in hair growth rates. Better to look into antiandrogens like spironolactone, aldactone, propecia, etc.

Hello Nursie. During the pregnancy, since you had stopped any medication for PCOS (I guess), did you start facing again hair growth problems ?
I have been under Androcur treatment for PCOS for about 7 years.
Last year, I stopped taking the medecine for around 8 months.
My doctor suggested that so we could have another hormonal test.
When stopping the medecation after about 4 months I started having facial hair problem (fairly mild but still embarassing for me).
I never had facial hair before taking the medecine but since I was diagnosied with PCOS when I was only 20, probably the endrocrinologist prescribed me Androcur early enough not to develop facial hair before (that’s my guess).

Now, if I stop the medecine, I understand (and my doctor confirmed it) that pilosity problems would start appearing/reappearing.
What he wasn’t clear on when I asked, it’s during pregnancy.
Since hormones are in different quantities in the body during pregnancy, I was wondering if the pilosity problem faced when having PCOS still occurs.
Also wouls hair treated for permanent hair removal be unlikely to come back ?

Hope anyone can answer my concern since I am considering pregnancy within the next 2 years.

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Dear Nursie, I am surprised that your doctor didn’t realize what pill you were talking about…
It is called Diane-35, as far as I know, in US. Some pills just use different names depending on where they are sold.

Unless other birth control pills, it contains Cyproterone Acetate as the progestin, which, unless other progestins, is a strong anti-androgenic substance.

“The special hormone in Diane-35, Cyproterone Acetate (CPA), attaches itself to androgen receptors in the skin and then blocks the receptors (“like the wrong key jammed in a lock”) . The androgens then cannot affect the skin.
Additionally, as a contraceptive pill, Diane-35Òalso reduces the activity of the ovaries, so that much smaller amounts of hormones, including androgens, are produced”.

The manufacturer is a big international laboratory called Schering.
Check this link to find out more:http://www.diane35.com/

Birth controll pills are taken to avoid pregnancy. If used for PCOS they are also effective for stabilizing hormones, but hey interfere with conception (obviously). There are other meds given now to PCOS patients that do not interfere with conception, like glucofage (metformin, clomid). As Andrea has noted these are often not enough to reduce hirsutism (excess hair), and androgen blockers are needed.

By the way, before taking Dianette, make sure you’re not suceptable to stretch marks. This could cause them.

If you get pregnant, congratulations!! This usually stops any PCOS progress and releives some symptoms. The excess hair will not really fall off, but new excess hair will not be produced, so you can start electrolysis. This is due to hormonal changes. Pregnancy hormones are not produced in the ovaries. But after the pregnancy the old hormones will come back.

Effect of some PCOS meds is not known during pregnancy, so your doc may continue them and closely monitor your pregnancy, or discontinue them untill after pregnancy.

Just an interesting note about after pregnancy…

I was not diagnosed with PCOS until after my two pregnancies but I can see that I did have it way back when…obviously it was not as bad as it now.

Anyhow, trouble with conceiving a child is an issue and was for me so I will share what eventually got me pregnant the first time.

I was put on Clomid and never got pregnant during the five months I was on it. I went back to the doctor and he said he should take me off it and I begged for another month on it…he agreed but only if I would allow him to do the procedure where they inject dye into the fallopian tubes to check for blockages. He did the procedure on a Tuesday (very painful) and told me there was no blockage but that it will expand the tubes for about a month and that if I get an egg fertilized it will be easier for it to get through the tube…sure enough I figure I got pregnant on that Saturday.

I assumed that I would not be able to conceive again unless I took drastic measures so I never used any birth control for the next seven years.
Well the day after we decided not to have any more kids I was pregnant…just had that funny feeling and bought a drugstore test and the rest is history.

As for symptoms of PCOS during pregnancy…I was soooo sick that I couldn’t tell you what day it was…but after the pregnancy I got much worse with hair growth etc. More so with the second pregnancy though…this is when I was actually diagnosed. I have since been put on natural progesterone cream and it has stopped my ovaries from getting any new cysts, I’m doing electrolysis on my own face and am finally getting control over that nasty goattee I had been growing.
Incidentally the specialist here would not put me on Metformin even though I went to him requesting it…they are so uninformed here.

Well just thought I would share that, if anybody wants more info just email me.