Pcos laser hair removal (pics)

Hi everyone i’m new to this group! I am looking into laser hair removal after doing electrolysis. So heres a little bit about me. I was diagnosed with possible pcos at 16 due to abnormal periods and a male like pattern hair growth on my face. I am now 21 and the hair has gotten worse. My period are regular now 32 day cycle. Anywho, i have done electrolysis, but never have stuck to a schedule, so I havnt seen results. I want to try laser hair removal and have made a few consultation appointments with different facilities.

Any girls who have pcos, what has been your experience with laser? Here are some of my pics. I think I am a good canidate for laser hair removal. Mind you, i never let my hair get this bad. I always tweese and shave. I had to grow my hair out 4 days to have electrolysis.

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