PCOS in Norway

PCOS in unusually common in Norway (maybe also in the rest of Scandinavia, but dont have the stats), which means that the Public Health finally has taken it seriously! Also, just for the record; electrology is defined as a medical treatment in Norway - laser isnt. This means that one can tax-deduct the whole amount (!)one has spent on electrolysis. This requires a doctors letter, saying this is a “medical and psykological problem for the patient”. It also is meant only for facial treatments - not bodywork. This means that the electrologist must in the end of the year, write an invoice/bill over how many treatments/15 minutes sessions have been done - 60 minutes is 4 sessions etc…
Now, fortunatly the endocrinological/hormonal-dept at Rikshospitalet in Oslo have done research (most likely same as done in US), but it is interesting how much one can do to normalize and help internal and external symptoms - without medicine! Obviously the symptoms we treat (excess hair - and in my case - also skin)will removed with electrolysis, but we only remove symptoms; what about the cause?.. Here we (finally…)have a closer link between the medical world and us; and we bounce of each other… Here we treat PCOS pretty much the same as we do with insulin-resistant patients/diabetesII.
I think its our duty as therapists to give advice on "the whole picture", but we dont have the same problems with law-suits (luckily…)as you do.