PCOS-Hirsuitism and its cocktail


I took my teenage daughter to an endocrinologist for the second time suffering with hirsutism and periods with cycles of 35 to 50 days.

the doctor just brushed away and said go for lazer and exercise more,waiting for blood reports to come in.

My daughter(soon to be 18) is having side burn hair and chin and under hair getting coarser by the year. She had waxed a couple of times in frustration but got know this will cause the hair follicle to grow stronger in vengeance as there is more blood flow(with elevated testosterone) nourishing it

question related to Electrolysis-

Does galvanic method remove or zap the hair once and for all OR does it needs to be re treated in a few weeks ?

I heard Blend method needs to treat back the same hair follicle in a few weeks when it grows back

Its an expensive affair, but I am hoping this will bring her self esteem back


You should avoid laser for your daughter’s case since the risk of laser induced paradoxical hair growth is pretty high.
Blend or thermolysis method are both the best way to permanently get rid of unwanted hair on face and body.

If electrolysis (blend or thermolysis) is properly performed, each treated hair is permanently removed and you don’t have to retreat it since it should not regrow. The practitioner normally would treat new hair that there were not visible during the first session.

Before beginning several sessions on the face, I recommand you to ask to the electrologist to treat a little patch on your daughter’s arm. The area shoud not be plucked, waxed or shaved 5 to 6 months before the treatment. 6 to 8 weeks you should expect an obvious reduction of hair density. If you don’t see any difference in the treated area, it means the practicionner doesn’t know how to do electrolysis hair removal.

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Thanks Adriene for the input… I agree Lazer can only stimulate hair follicles to grow again for PCOS cases and its short term

Fellow Users,

is half hour rate of 65.00 USD reasonable\expensive in Pennsylvaniva for Galvanic Electrolysis

Another lady was 50$ for Blend

I have no idea how much of a difference in terms of area\hairs can be covered within half hour and which is most effective

Any suggestions will greatly help me

Hi MamaBear,

Those rates sound reasonable.

If you do what Adriene suggested - a test patch (perhaps a 1.5" square, one on each arm) with both, you will be able to discover two things. Firstly, you will be able to see how long it takes both electrologists to clear the their area. Secondly, 3 months after that test patch is cleared you will be able to see if there is any reduction.

In a perfect scenario, where the electrologist removed every single hair in the area, you would see about 80% reduction (this is for arms). But more realistically, if you are seeing 50-60% reduction at least you know the electrologist is killing most of the treated follciles and hopefully you will see good results on the face.

Your daughter will need electrolysis to help her with this problem but please do not discount the impact of diet and exercise in the treatment of PCOS. She’s young and if you can help her now it will be much better for her future!

Mama dont concern yourself too much on modality, you can overthink this alot. If I were treating your daughter I’m probably use a mix of multiplex and synchro thermolysis to disable those big hairs. Comparing modalities and percepted kill rates is fools errand they all work.

I treat a number of young women with PCOS with electrolysis and they appreciate the speed and progress with which I am able to work in those modalities.It helps them get their confidence back. But some doing blend can do just as good a job in the same amount of time. The right modality, is the one the electrologist is most confident in.I say again, it’s really easy to overthink this.

And your rates are quite good but they very alot from area to area.Here in Ottawa for example the firm I work for goes for $85 an hour but your pricing will be vastly different depending on your local market.


Hi Seana,

If one is deciding between two electrologists they’d probably want to know which one is better at killing follicles, regardless of what modality they are using.

Unless the client has other evidence to believe the electrologist will get them results, I personally would be wary about jumping in for facial treatment especially as a PCOS patient. All too often clients have on-going treatment with little in the way of results which the electrologist blames on the PCOS.

Hi Stoppit!
Perhaps I have too much faith in my fellow zappers?

Mine is a very old argument, and you are right, to a degree.But only unti a very skilled electrologist comes around.

Using Synchro, on tough transgender beard hairs, or on a person with PCOS, I can have somewhere in the range of 600 hairs in an hour( I’m guessing, it’s probably alot more than that ). At a percieved kill rate, of 45-50% if we go by averages.So say I average 300 actually killed. The rest will regrow and be removed in a future session

Another electrologist using a fast blend technique maybe hits a hair every 3 seconds? but at a higher kill rate, lets say they average 85% so that’s 0.85X1200 in an hour or 1020 actually killed in that hour.

Clearly the fast blend operator would have a speed advantage with these number. The reality is however it doesnt take changing these numbers very much at all, to have a vast diffterence in the overall reult. As Michael has pointed out a million times, total treatment time ( the amount of time it takes to complete the job) is what we want.

The point is we dont have any firm statistics on kill rates. Maybe I’m hitting 75% kill rate and treating more like 1500 hairs an hour?

All the different modalities have a little different kill rate, and a little different way of approaching the problem. One doesnt really have an advantage over the other when you take the big picture as part of your calculations. The amount of time an electrologist has spent total in removing a similar problem is what we are after and modality doesnt tell us that. Eelctrologist skill will weigh heavily in this, accuracy of insertions also.


TTT … one-million plus one (:

MamaBear, I sent you a PM.

Hi Seana,

Perhaps! And I am the opposite because unfortunately, there are too many stories of PCOS clients who become lifelong clients. I’ve just had someone contact me recently for advice who wasn’t seeing results after 8 months of regular treatments and started feeling that something was wrong when the electrologist said that it may take years.

I completely agree with the rest of what you have said.

For me the test patch is about finding out whether the electrologist is killing follicles or not. One electrologist may take an hour to clear the chosen area. The other may take two hours. The point is that the area should be cleared and then assessed after a few months. If a test patch looks no different than prior to treatment then would I let that person get stuck into a lengthy process on my face? No!

I think Josefa has posted in the past on how one can discover their kill rate. I’m sure it will vary from body area to body area as well. I also think an electrologist’s aim, regardless of modality, should be to kill every follicle they treat. In reality, that will not be the case but it should be what is being worked towards. The years of practice and building up of skill should bring one closer this goal.

Finally, for me personally, I would not have treatment with someone who is only killing 50% of the follicles they treat.

MamaBear - I think it is wonderful of You to try to find help for Your daughter. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18, yet I had symptoms since I was 13 not knowing what was going on with me. Back then, in my part of the world (Northern Europe) little was known about PCOS and it was often under-diagnosed. Endocrinologists here still dismiss the hair matter of PCOS and ridicul the psychological effect on the women’s self-esteem related to it… not to mention of them mentioning electrolysis, at all! It took me years to stumble upon a foreign article about electrolysis and another few years to find an electrologist in this part of the world, even! After having gathered some finances for it, I’ve just started electrolysis at age 29. I’ve shaved my face for more than 10 years… I wish I had the opportunity before, as the PCOS hair growth keeps progressing, even with the best of diet, exercising, medications / natural remedies - no matter what path a person chooses. I’m not a professional in this matter, but do know the psychological downside of it all and I hope You have great luck in finding a great electrologist for Your daughter and that she also really grabs to the opportunity what PCOS gives (as I like to positively say) - that this syndrome really demands of ones healthy life choices, inside and outside. It is all about balance with PCOS. Hope to hear about her progress!

thanks all for the postings !!

Endocrinologists are not very helpful :slight_smile: and we need to help ourselves. My daughters cycles are like 35-50 days.

Took my daughter to an endocrinologist (need to pay 300$ for her visit now) and got her blood work results. Doctor recommends to shave and lazer for hair issues-as if we don’t know about these tips

total testosterone levels 64 ng/dl (ideal should be < 40)
free testosterone 7.6 pg/ml(ideal should be < 3.6)
5 ft 5 inch and 155lbs

I would love my daughter to do Yoga to give a entire exercise along the entire body and the vital organs and glands-but she is giving me hard time with it; and prefers regular gym exercise

She has had 2 sessions of galvanic and 72 hairs were removed in an hour and is getting help for under the chin

I would like to prep my daughter with her diet\exercise regime before she moves to college; its hard for healthy diet on campus and I fear of that as well. PCOS is so damn diet related

Checking online many people have controlled it becoming vegan

forgot to mention,anyone with hirsuitism issues

Electrologist told…never ever wax or tweeze hair which will give more blood and nourishment to the follicle and grow more and thicker hair

and says just shave it…which obviously makes the skin leathery like a guy :frowning:

Mamma mia with hair issues :slight_smile:

Now this is heading off the forum topic, but:

Gym is not that far off! PCOS reacts great to lifting and proper cardio workouts. It is great to balance it with yoga, qi qong, tai chi or other similar, which is more meditative, as PCOS also (depending of type of PCOS and of person) has the tendency of progressing anxiety and depression with years. At 18, I had no such issues, and I’m an extermely positive person in general and with each year, I started to progress some mental disturbances such as anxiety and depression waves. I treat those with qi qong and acupuncture. Actually, this is the thing - to look into the bigger picture. PCOS is so complex and reacts to chemicals in food, cosmetics and environment, to stress factors, to dietary matters… I say in no way I’d wish anyone to have PCOS, but I have to say, without it I would probably be half the healthy person I am today.

It’s also great that her weight is not in the overweight range and her BMI in the healthy 25-26 level still. She should really stick to that and find her dietary and physical work out balance. If she is up for it, direct her towards such sites like pcosdietsupport or similar, where she can read about different perspectives and solutions and lifestyle management and find peers from around the world with this syndrome. I found it extremely hard for me to talk about these matters until later in my life, even that I consider my mother my best friend and we have a very open relationship. I simply felt I only wanted to talk about this with people whom had the same issue. And thanks to those contacts from around the world via forums, we shared good and bad times, shared great tips and supported when needed. If You are located in US, very likely You’ll also have a support group around Your city / state. This is the great thing about US, that PCOS has awareness groups and support groups for that there. Again, in my part of the world unfortunately that is not very common.

Btw, has she been tested for insulin resistance + glucose intolerance? If she has any darker skin patches (most common: neck, between breasts, armpits) - this is a definite sign of such, as the excess insulin gathers there… That is managed by tossing any whites from diet and replacing with wholegrain foods (wholegrain wheat, wholegrain pasta, wholegrain oats, palm coconut sugar or agave or stevia etc). Also many PCOS-ers have a rather low tolerance to gluten and lactose and are D-vitamin deficient. But probably all of this You’ve managed to read up already. I’ll shut up now with my tips and tops;)

Instead, few pics.

These were my legs when I was shaving them. Four weeks after a shave:

These were my legs when I stopped shaving and started going to professional wax-lady. Four weeks after depilation: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-MHZ1H9ty1qE/VMAQlOTC8FI/AAAAAAAAIps/lZEtQXX3_rU/s1600/FullSizeRender-1.jpg

Nowadays, its even less, but can’t provide a pic, as I just had my legs waxed few days ago;) I could have my legs waxed only every 5-6 weeks only though and the hair has become extremely thin and light. No ingrowns usually thanks to tons of exfoliating and treating skin with almond oil.

And this is … a picture of my beard… Oeh. I mean… I of course always had it shaved, but that time I was very sick home. That was also many kilograms back;) http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Sp-tyGQ4mCI/VMAlbxehAfI/AAAAAAAAIqE/AWScjK4x6-Q/s1600/picture.jpg

At 18, I needed to shave every now and then, at 27 this was how it looked. Add more hair on cheeks and moustache.

Now I had my first session of electrolysis (thermolysis, hope that’s the right term and spelling in English…) of 4 hours and continuing next week with 10 more hours to get first full clearance, and to be continued with revisits probably for the next many many months.

Hope You keep us posted about progress with Your daughter, too!

Sorry all for not posting, forgot I opened and account here :frowning:

The lady helping my daughter with electrolysis refused saying its pointless to go ahead with it as testosterone levels are high and as she keeps cleaning, testosterone keeps making new hair and suggested to have her see a Gynic who will put her on BCPills and hormone therapy to reduce testosterone. This is my last biting bullet highway and just don’t want her to get on those medications; plenty of side effects with those and they dont treat the problem but a band aid solution.

So took my daughter to a naturopath and trying these alternatives and will have her blood work done in November end and just praying to god this should bring down the testosterone levels.

She is on Fish oil,Ovablend,emulsified Vitamin D 4000 IU and sugar controlling pills and a probiotic

Her diet is a slice of ezekiel bread with Peanut butter for breakfast;chicken and salad for lunch in school;brown rice\quinoa with egg;chicken for dinner;she also follows seed cycling(pls google foe that)

goes to gym 3 times a week(with school stuff) she says my back hurts mom, if I ask her to go the next day, feel sorry when she says girls in my school eat what they want and r slim as sticks :slight_smile:

I will post back her blood work report in November with updates and crossing all my 20 fingers which will show reduced testosterone levels

She is 150lbs and 5ft.5inches and wants to see her self in 130’s

Glad to see you here again, Mama.

Regardless of what is going on inside her body, I agree that it is necessary to keep treating the bothersome hair - clear it and then keep aggressively zapping any new hairs that rear their ugly heads.

We are all born with a set amount of hair follicles, so disabling hair follicles with electrolysis means that those hair follicles will not bother her in the future. Alas, new hair will probably be stimulated as long as she has the “right” hormonal environment or if she has the genetic code to develop such characteristics all along her life line.

I love ezekiel bread . The name Ezekiel means , “May God strengthen Him” or HER! I like these natural approaches that you are taking for your daughter’s well-being. May she find the strength to carry on with proper diet and exercise. It’s hard. Stay goal-oriented for the hair removal and the weight loss.

Nice to hear from you again!

Hi All, been a while and thought will post my updates.

I was not too convinced with my naturopath and had a gut feeling it was waste of $$ and most importantly time(she charged 230$ for a first time visit and plus a shit load of supplements)

Trying my luck with another MD who treats these symptoms with natural supplements and crossing all mt 20 fingers(wish I had 40 for more luck)for this help her

She is on Saw Palmetto, berberine,VitD,hypercium,progestorone lotion and few more and started around March 1st. My daughter says the hair is getting finer on the chin. I will run the blood work in first week on May for testosterone levels and hope they dip down

Let me add, not sure if this is it…I started giving her a good amt of coconut oil in her breakfast with steelcut oats and cinnamon and she has lost about 7-8 lbs and is 140 lbs which is encouraging

Her periods were supposedly to be around March 10-ish which did not show up so far. Obviously these medications have delayed, need to hear back from the doc what he has to say

Will keep you guys posted with the blood work results as I have them if this highway of mine helped us

God bless all the women who suffer this pain in silence …!!

Please ask your daughter’s doctor about “Spironolactone.”
IMHO, it will change her life for the better as in a few years she may face fertility issues and baldness.
You seem to be against medicine, but herbs are drugs, too.
I’m not trying to tell you how to rear your daughter, but as you’re reaching out to
us, I’m offering my opinion.
I sent you a private message last June; I guess you didn’t see it.
I thought through PMs, we could share names of doctors and electrologists.

Hi Dowager,
I am so sorry, I did not see my PM, is there a way we can direct our PMs to our emails ?

Thanks for your opinion, absolutely no issues and we are here to help out each other

the endocrinologist did recommend Sprironalactone which needs to be taken along with birth control pills. I have seen in so many PCOS forums, women want to get out of BCP after using for few years and find it so hard. BCP cause no ovulation and only monthly bleeds which are not natural from our body hormones, our hormonal system goes to sleep while on BCP

Maybe old-fashioned,I am big no-no for BCP which has side effects later in life taking so many synthetic hormones everyday into the body.

I will wait for the next blood work in May and if it brings testosterone levels under control - nothing like it. Otherwise she will go on BCP and Spironalactone

She did get her periods yesterday(40 days), looks like these new medications did alter her cycle.

A dermatologist can prescribe Spironolactone.
It does NOT have to be taken with BCP in order to be beneficial.
They ‘just’ want to avoid a pregnancy.

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