PCOS beard case / 40 year old woman / pre- electrolysis pictures

Started June 2013

99% finished in February 16, 2015


Red dots on calendar equal treatment sessions. “X’s” are months she skipped.

Pictures of sessions in between the first and the last. Not always pretty, but electrolysis works!


More pictures of sessions between the first session and the last session. Redness and swelling are normal temporary skin reaction to the energy level needed to budge these coarse hairs. Tea tree oil and refrigerated aloe vera gel was applied immediately after to calm the skin. She never complained of scabbing. Synchro and Picoflash thermolysis were used. Large Ballet gold and Laurier IBP probes were used. She was back to normal in three to five days.

Impressive work, Dee!

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Thank you, Andrea. This client was dog loyal to the process and because of her actions, she is 99% hair-free today. I asked her if 15 treatments over about two years at a cost of about $2,000 was worth it. Do I need to tell you her answer?

And THAT is why we all showed up in the first place ! :grin:

Thanks for sharing all the photo’s Dee. It’s really helpful for young electrologist to see that it’s going to be okay even when the skin is so red, angry and swollen.

Gretchen makes a good point. Seeing appropriate skin reactions does help to educate. I’m happy the board is once again able to support such posts.


I frequently do full, first clearance on ladies like this ASAP. They need relief and even though it looks dreadfully swollen and red afterwards, with the help of a little tea tree oil and the purest aloe Vera gel, cold from the refrigerator, that will bring calmness to the skin. If clients do not want this kind of reaction, then it can be done in 30 minutes increments once a week until a clearance is reached. It will take a longer time and more effort and money is needed, but that is another plan / strategy. Most people opt to get the hair off as fast as possible.

I haven’t seen this client since February, so I assume she is stable and is not worrying about hair on her face any more. I will contact her and ask her to take a picture for me as she approaches her 2 year hair anniversary.

You should be very proud of your work and how much contribution you make to bettering other people’s lives! You gave this lady Quality of Life that no medical doctor could(amazing.) But for consumers a simple presentation like this gives us clear expectations and confidence in the practitioner. 15 sessions of 23 hours total spread over 2 year period becomes a more tangible electrolysis journey than when you hear standard vague guidelines that electrologists are used to say then the client gets worried and frustrated not knowing when to expect this all to end.
It is easy to keep records and photo journals these days, that I don’t understand why most electrologists refuse to do this? Don’t they understand that it will help boost their own business with potential clients? So to all the electrologists lurking here, start doing such journals and it will help your clients and your business.

I emailed my client this morning and asked her if she would send me a picture. I have not seen her in four months. She replied this afternoon:

"Hi Dee!

Well, I have had to pluck some. But it is so sparse that I couldn’t actually make an appointment with you because it would only be 5 hairs at a time! Next time I notice some I will send you a picture.

Thank you so much for my freedom! !!!
Xxxxxxxxxx" (name blocked out)

So there it is.

There are many electrologists doing what I do, using the tools that they are comfortable with. I wish they would come out and teach the public what is possible. Yes, pictures and stats are very helpful. I choose to use an epilator brand that manages client files and statistics so I can give better predictions for outcomes. Information gives a hairy person hope and more power over making a decision as to whether they should start the process. We want no false illusions about how difficult it is to remove hair. The in between parts are not so pretty, but the end part is worth it all.

Congratulations, a work of great professionalism. Thanks for sharing. regards

I plan to post more stories in the future, with stats and pictures. Fenix’s comments were impressive and very helpful.

Thanks for this thread so even with PCOS coming every month only could get us results in two years frame like other women? As long as no shaving/waxing/plucking is involved

2 years is an optomistic quote. I say this because of the medical addressing of the issue. PCOS is a serious disorder of the endocrine system. It has to be brought under control or hair removal becomes “a drop in the bucket” and the the overall time frame for removal continues to go up.

Yes, certainly. With a million hair follicles on the face and neck area, driven by hormonal stimulation, cleanups of newly stimulated hair will probably be necessary 1-6 times per year for ad infinitum…

At least when the initial hair follicles causing angst are properly disabled, that makes for less of a problem down the timeline of the PCOS woman. Getting medical control of the PCOS within the body certainly is helpful.

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I applaud both the client and the electrologist for this awesome documentation and visuals.