paying for package deal?

One place I was looking at has a package deal where you basically get 6 treatments for the price of 3.2 treatments, if you prepay. (Also you can get a 2nd area done free. I don’t have a 2nd area unless you can split up the area I want done and count it as 2.)

That’s quite a discount, I like that, but I am wondering if I personally will need more than 2-4 treatments. I think that when hair is reduced / slowed / weakened to a certain point, I might say that’s enough for me and I can handle shaving the rest (considering that I hopefully could shave 3x as fast, and less often). Maybe I should still sign up for the deal however.

I definitely would only sign up AFTER my first treatment is done. I would be willing to sign up during that same visit, but only after, because I am not completely positive that I can deal with the pain. Probably, considering I will get a good topical gel and do other things.

Any ideas on alternative options I should ask for? I was thinking of trying to get them to do a custom deal for me. Maybe something like $200 each for first 2 treatments, $120 for additional after that. Or where I prepay but if I end up not “needing” more than 3 (because hair is reduced enough) then I get a refund? That option does not seem like a good idea, too likely it would be a hassle for me?

For me, my decisions are partly complicated by the fact that I have one area where the hair is much more dense/thick. (I mean this is normal for a person, but…) So I might want more treatments done on that 2 inch diameter area than done on the rest of the area.

Around here they don’t seem to offer a per-pulse pricing. (That might be ideal for me if I could have that option.)

Thank you again.

you’ll probably need at least 3 treatments even if you have little hair just due to hair cycles. at any point, some hair is dormant and will resurface later.