Patchy goatee driving me nuts!


I am a light olive-toned man with very thick, coarse facial hair, aged 32. Prior to laser, my facial hair looked blotchy, ugly and didn’t grow in the traditional beard form. When I shaved, it left an unsightly shadow. It has been the cause of a lot of my self-esteem issues. My ideal image has always been a shadow-less complexion with a mustache and soul patch.

Back in 2013, I had my first laser hair removal session. It was incredibly painful, but the results were fantastic. Most of my facial hair came out. I was the happiest I had been in a long time. Unfortunately the majority of the hair grew back within a month, which of course I expected. I had 9 subsequent sessions that year, to mixed results. The hair on the cheeks and neck came out pretty good, but my goatee hair was just not having it. The first session got rid of a lot of the goatee hair, but after that it just refused to come out.

I stopped after 10 sessions due to costs. I was left with very ugly, patchy facial hair, including small patches in my goatee. The cheeks and neck didn’t look too bad after shaving, but my patchy goatee stuck out like a sore thumb.

Cut to 2019, and I decide to get laser again. I go to a different laser place which uses the Motus AX system. The results on my cheeks and neck were out-freaking-standing – nearly every hair strand came out. The only issue was my goatee hair WOULD NOT BUDGE. They kept cranking up the settings to no effect. I had 15+ sessions, and although I still have a patchy beard, there is no longer a noticeably visible shadow after shaving on my cheeks and neck. My patchy goatee, though, still sticks out like a sore thumb. My last session was in December of 2020.

It’s really driving me up the wall. I so desperately wish I hadn’t asked for laser on my goatee, because at least then it would look normal. I refuse to take selfies or be in any kind of pictures because I always notice my patchy goatee. It has been the cause of great stress and anxiety, and I don’t know what to do.

Does anybody have any advice on how to remedy this situation? Should I get hair transplanted into my goatee to make it look full again or should I continue on the hair removal path? Any advice is more than appreciated. Thank you!!!

I don’t really have a recommendation, because you are so “well into” having laser. I will say … “NO” to hair transplants on your beard. I’m dealing with a patient now who, sadly, had head hair transplanted into her eyebrows. Now the hairs grows straight-out and LONG. Hairs do not convert to the area of the body into which they are transplanted. Instead, they stay “loyal” to their original source.

I’m not yet ready to “show off” … But I will in a few weeks. I created an amazing “sculpted” beard on a man and it’s lovely. He’s a litigation attorney (pure white beard), and now gets compliments every day on his “beautiful beard.” Such precision … and guaranteed exact results … can only be attained by electrolysis. Indeed, I have had to work with “moth-eaten” lasered beards to try to get them looking … well … less like the person has a skin disease.

Sorry, I’m just telling it like it is! Guys always want instant success and, of course, the most modern treatment available … i.e., laser baby. And, we seldom do the cautionary investigation that women typically do. You know, the “go for it” attitude that we dudes all have. Women are more cautious and thoughtful … and more reluctant. Maybe that’s why more accidents happen to men?

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I actually did electrolysis twice on my goatee area but it was so painful and left me with pit-like holes. I was so worried I would be permanently scarred, but thankfully I wasn’t. I never went back as I can’t bear the pain. Unfortunately I think electrolysis is the only option for me now. I’ll try another electrolysis place as I don’t think the one I went to was very good. May I ask how long you think it would take to treat the average thick, dark goatee?

Thank you very much.

Listen to Michael Bono when he says avoid head hair transplants onto face. It will never look natural. I would explore electrolysis as an option again. Get a lidocaine numbing cream like LMX 5% and keep your sessions 30 mins or less if you have low pain tolerance.
Laser is notorious for not penetrating the goatee area well because hair follicles in that area tend to be deep in men. Electorlysis will be your best bet.

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Thank you fenix and Bono for your replies. I will look towards electrolysis again. :slight_smile:

One more question if that’s okay: my previous electrologist was explaining after my final treatment (I never went back due to the extreme discomfort) how my goatee is branch-like and wiry. Is electrolysis capable of treating hairs like that? She seemed kind of puzzled at how stubborn and rough my beard is. Am I still in the clear (no pun intended) on getting this done?

Thanks again!

Yes electrolysis can accomplish that with no issues. You should seek several electrologists. Experience with one shouldn’t dissuade you.

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