Paradoxical stimulation


I hope everyone’s well. I just wanted to share my laser hair removal journey with everyone in case it benefits anyone.

I am Pakistani/Indian with olive skin and black hair. My first laser hair removal experience was on my face and it resulted in me growing thick black hair like a man all the way down my neck which wasn’t even being treated. I was treated with an nd yag laser. The clinic gave me lots of free laser sessions but this kept making the growth worse. Using my research from this forum I realised electrolysis was the solution and 4 years later I am now almost hair free, thankfully. It’s been a slow, painful and expensive journey but at least it has worked. My neck is quite discoloured from the scarring but thankfully it seems to be fading with time.

Now for the rest of my body. I have been getting treatments on my legs, arms, underarms and bikini line. I’ve had several sessions and the growth has definitely reduced but it’s still there. I initially started with a nd yag laser and then changed clinics to a soprano ice machine. I’m now experiencing paradoxical stimulation in random places on my body where I didn’t even know it could happen. E.g around my armpits. I now have dark thick hairs where my breasts meet my armpits and also where the top of my armpit meets my arm. Also, I previously had peach fuzz on my bum which was so fine that it never bothered me, but I’m not sure why the bikini sessions seem to have turned this into very thick dark hairs. I’m just writing this as an eye opener to people who are considering laser hair removal (particularly if they are the same ethnicity as me) as I feel like the research online makes it sound like paradoxical stimulation is rarer than it is. I know multiple people this has happened to and even my electrolysis lady told me most of her clients come in after stimulation from laser.

I’m now looking into the options I have to get rid of this. Electrolysis has worked for me in the past so I know this is possibly the best option. However I recently went to a different clinic where they use a laser called the thunder mt I believe which apparently uses Alex and nd yag wavelengths simultaneously and they said this should get rid of the stimulated growth. After my experience with laser I’m really hesitant and the last thing I want to do is make the growth worse. If anyone has any experience with this particular laser or paradoxical growth in general I would really appreciate your help. Also if I can help anyone in any way with my experience please let me know if you have any questions as this forum has been very useful for me in the past.